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Is the Lasting Baby Belly a Result of Sugar & Salt Cravings?

Do you have sweet teeth? Mums often do after pregnancy and often feel the need to have sugar at lunch or midday as a pick-me-up. Many moms are very happy they immediately eat sugar, but then feel a little shaky and a little shaky.

Galanin is involved in dietary regulation and Galanin levels increase when estrogen levels are high. This may explain why you crave high sugar and high sugar foods at different times during the menstrual cycle. A good strategy is to eat smaller, more frequent meals. This helps maintain a stable blood sugar level and keeps your appetite at bay.

Eating a complex carbohydrate diet and protein can also be beneficial. Carbohydrates maintain normal serotonin levels. Serotonin is a key chemical in the brain that regulates sleep, mood, food intake and perception of pain. Therefore, eating the right carbohydrates can help you avoid sugar cravings.

Protein on the other hand, helps you stay longer and thus helps prevent snacking between foods.

Simple exercise is also a great way to reduce your sugar cravings. When you have a snack that contains sugar, it releases the "good taste" endorphins into the brain. Exercises do the same, but in a healthier and more rewarding way.

While sugar cravings may be physiological, salt cravings are more likely to be a response or a learned habit.

Do you put salt in your food before you taste it? Mothers who love salty foods often feel the need to eat fries, chips and nuts. But after eating foods that contain a lot of salt, you are often left feeling bloated. Too much salt can even leave you with swollen eyes and hands and swollen fingers so your ring may feel tight.

The more salt you eat, the more you tend to want it. You need sodium to survive, but you need less than 500 mg a day. Too much sodium can cause health problems such as high blood pressure, fluid retention and other medical conditions including heart failure and kidney disease.

If you notice that you are consuming a lot of salt, the best thing to cut is to gradually reduce it by cutting it right away. This way, the desire is not likely to be triggered. Be sure to read the labels on food products when shopping. You will be amazed at how much hidden salt there is in the foods you buy regularly.

Here are some healthy substitutes for sweet and salty foods to help you get the right balance:

Healthy substitutes for sweet snacks: -

- Banana

- A small amount of sugar bean rolls

- Oatmeal or wholemeal bread with honey

- Pineapple

- Raisins

- Low fat fruit yogurt

- Strawberry

- Some grapes

Healthy substitutes for salty snacks: -

- Six to eight canaries

- Some small pumpkin or sunflower seeds

- One slice of toast full of peanut butter

- Two oatcakes with thin Edam cheese on top

- A little cottage cheese with tomatoes and celery

- Two large celery sticks, with peanut butter spread thinly

- Chop peppers with cheese and cabbage

- Low salt soup cup

- One toast with a small serving of reduced salt to taste

Do not let sugar or salt addiction cause you to hold the baby's stomach. You can lose weight healthy and naturally without a diet accident, count calories or go hungry. There's no secret, just things you don't know! See below to find and act on things you don't know yet.


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