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Watch Out - Coliform Bacteria Symptoms Could Be Deadly

It's amazing how coliform bacteria continue to announce their presence in our bodies and we've never seen them. All types of coliform bacterial symptoms will continue to appear but until the doctor tells us about the existence of these bacteria in our body it is when it becomes clear to us that we actually keep the foreign organism. Do we not know about this symptom or is it just negligence? These symptoms are said to occur within the first two to four days in which the bacteria must enter your body system. So for those of you who may not know about these symptoms, tighten your safety belt.

Prolonged diarrhea is a common symptom of the presence of coliform bacteria in the digestive system. When you become aware that you have a prolonged spelling of diarrhea especially after consuming untreated water or drinking foods that are not properly prepared, you should immediately suspect the presence of colifom bacteria in your digestive system. This condition is most of the time carried by E. coli bacteria found in contaminated water. They move into your body along with water and settle into the intestines. From here, harmful strains carried by these types of bacteria move around making the digestive system not function according to specifications and thus cannot digest the food properly. For this reason, more fluid is left along with food because the cells around the intestine cannot absorb water and then diarrhea occurs. However, this condition can be treated by taking the right antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Another symptom of coliform bacteria is that you always have episodes of food poisoning every time you eat. Food poisoning is an abnormal condition that occurs when you ingest foods that have been contaminated with coliform bacteria belonging to the E. coli bacterial family. Bacteria are attached to food and are ingested with food. Once in the digestive system, bacteria become active and can produce toxins from serpentine strains that further contaminate food boluses. This causes the food to be digested incorrectly and in the process you will experience lower abdominal pain as a result of this action. Therefore, when you notice that this condition persists, let it serve as an indication that coliform bacteria are present in your body's system.

Having blood clots in your stool can be seen as part of the symptoms of coliform bacteria. If you find that you have begun to experience blood stains in your diarrhea, you will be testing the stool for the presence of E. coli bacteria 0157: H7. It is the type of coliform bacteria responsible for this condition. Bacteria are believed to remove harmful toxins during the intestines that lead to surrounding cells unable to absorb water and in the process you start diarrhea and when the condition is not treated for a timely manner, that is when you start to see the effects of blood accompanying diarrhea. The blood is carried on tissues around the walls of the dry intestines because their cells no longer absorb the water and cause the soft tissue around them to eat every time they pass through the path. This forces the blood to flow along with the impurities.

At this point it's very clear that seeking the right medical advice is what you need to do as soon as possible before things get worse.


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