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Help With Getting Pregnant - A New and Very Exciting View

Thousands of mothers around the world know this to be true. Holistic therapy from the west and Chinese technology can bring about incredible results when the couple is about to give up.

It involves the concept of Qi (chee), the life force that energizes all of us. It has been shown that so-called infertility is often the result of our unbalanced Qi. There are steps we can take that will restore balance. This is:

STEP 1: Achieve balance and personal harmony in pregnancy

STEP 2: Use diet, vitamins and minerals to increase fertility

STEP 3: Use acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to cleanse and balance your energy

STEP 4: Internal cleaning and detoxification of the liver

STEP 5: Protect your organs and improve your vitality, your Qi (chee) through Chinese acupressure and exercises

This help with pregnancy has been proven to be successful in women who have had a miscarriage. It has been shown to be successful in women who have failed the IVF and IUI cycles, with women who have PCOS and premature ovarian failure. It proved to be successful with a 40-year-old woman who was told they had left her too late.

Did you know that 92% of women who use conventional medical treatment for infertility fail to get pregnant? If you've ever tried to overcome your infertility with hormone pills, sexual positions or changed your diet, you will know how miserable you are. Drugs and treatments like IVF and IUI rarely work and can have adverse side effects.

We Chinese believe you need to cure the inertia and an amazing American woman, a medical researcher named Lisa Owen, has written a book to show how this can be done. Lisa's book, "The Miracle of Pregnancy", has brought amazing results to women in 52 countries.

In her mid-30s, Lisa was told she couldn't have children. He gave him a mission to prove that the doctor was wrong. Now in her forties, she has two children. Lisa writes: "I think - no, I know - I've discovered a secret to helping other women experience the magic of conception and the joy of giving birth."


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