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Want to REALLY Lose Weight But Are Confused Where To Begin?

Losing weight is on the minds of many today, but unfortunately only a few actually achieve this goal. Because the process of losing weight is an individual task, one's success will be determined by how motivated they are to take the steps necessary to improve their health.

One of the main reasons why motivation is important is because overweight or obese individuals need to make changes in how they live their daily lives. Some habits need to be kicked off, eating habits need to be changed, and the modified menu needs to be part of the daily routine.

Basically, when trying to deal with the process of losing weight there are two areas that one needs to address - the diet you eat daily and the training one gets on a regular basis. When both areas are closely monitored and maintained, you will lose the weight you are trying to eliminate PERIOD.

This process will take time and commitment, but eventually you will come across as completely different, healthy and in a great mood. The only downside is that you may have to buy new clothes since the old ones will be too big for you afterwards, but is that really a bad thing?

Addressing the first aspect of the diet when starting at 75% of the weight loss process is down to nutrition. Because most people usually eat three meals a day along with snacks thrown in here and there, holding a firm grip on everything that goes into their mouths is important. Think of it this way, even if you run five miles a day, but continue to eat greasy, fried breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will still gain weight because you consume too many calories regardless of this exercise.

Take the time to go through your kitchen and get rid of all the unhealthy options you find. If you do not want to throw away any food, make sure you spend time shopping for the wrong food options that you do not make your shopping cart. When options like chips, cakes, crackers, sodas, cakes, and pies are not at your fingertips, you won't be able to throw them in your mouth.

This is a waste of calories that is not part of a healthy, balanced life.

Replace snack choices with low-calorie people, sugar, but more importantly you enjoy your meal. You want this healthy transition to be exciting, not where you hate every bit of food you put into your mouth. That's not fun and it's more likely your efforts will last longer.

Eating healthy does not mean having a salad every day for lunch and dinner, and it does not mean starving your body by not providing enough food. Developing a healthy life means you eat foods that are beneficial to your body in the appropriate portion sizes. As this is a complete makeover menu, experiment with different options until you find 10-20 dishes that will serve as your base.

Take the time to plan your meal for the day. It's best if you can do this either the night before, or in the morning so you know what you'll be eating all day. There will be no doubt about what's on the menu, so you don't have to use cafeteria or fast food.

Research the Internet and within an hour you will have many ideas that not only sound and look great, but will be a healthy building block to get you started.

You may be able to see why tackling food issues first is the most important thing to do first. It's a little more complex and time-consuming, but it is the key to a successful transition from the rules of our diet. Basically we can live without exercise but we cannot live without food.

As you embark on this new health journey, thoroughly analyze your eating habits and identify the problem areas that you may need to adjust or eliminate:

- Dribbling on the couch while watching tv
- Eat in the car on the way to work
- Chew "stuff" while at your desk
- get a second and a third after your first meal
- soda or other sweet drinks
- eating chips / cookies / cakes / pies / donuts (have you ever stopped to look at the nutritional content of this item in every meal!?!? - nonsense)

These are all examples of habits that need to be changed or removed from normal events. When you are fully committed to improving your health and losing weight, these are the kinds of choices and decisions you need to make on a DAILY basis. Of course, the temptation will be there with that little voice telling you to return to the routine, but it must be your firm voice that decides that things will change. You are no longer a slave to food and afraid to step on the scale. Once you have this type of mindset, you will work well to make a real difference and achieve your overall goals.


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