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Candida - Treating From Within

Yeast infections do not attack women only. Everyone has candida that lives in the gut, mouth and throat. In fact, the baby is attacked immediately after birth. Oral flu is common in infants, and candida is the cause.

What is this

Candida albicans is a type of yeast that is basically harmless and protects us from heavy metals to a certain extent. It is located in the mouth, throat and intestines along with good bacteria that provide a healthy level of PH that keeps candida under control. When other substances are introduced they kill the good bacteria, which is when the problem starts.


Antibiotics, birth control pills, steroids, stress, hormone imbalances and diet all play a role in reducing the amount of good bacteria in the body. This will give candida the perfect conditions for reproduction, and when they start they can grow rapidly.

If one has a suppressed immune system such as Diabetes and Aids, and candida supplementation may occur and frequent yeast infections and other symptoms will develop. Anyone can experience greater growth, especially if they are on repeated doses of antibiotics.

There is no blood test to determine if you are gaining weight, and this is why it cannot be diagnosed and misdiagnosed like other diseases. Doctors will prescribe more drugs to treat other suspected diseases, and this will only make things worse.


The only way to successfully treat candida is to change your diet. There are many foods that contribute to growth. Once these foods are removed from the diet for a period of time, full recovery can be made. Here are some good foods and supplements to take on a daily basis.


It contains an active culture that fights candida. It can also be used to treat infections when used as a douche.


You can use it when you cook, eat raw, or start taking garlic pills daily. Garlic is known to kill candida. Also used as a suppository. Peel one clove and wrap the gauze. Insert it like a tampon and leave it for three hours. If there is excessive inflammation and burning, avoid using garlic this way.


Supplements containing acidophilus may be taken daily. This will help restore a good flora balance in the gut, which will counteract the growth of the plant.

Food to Avoid

- Sugar, including brown sugar, syrup, honey and foods containing fructose or corn syrup.

- Yeast. No food contains any form of yeast. This includes alcoholic beverages. Beer is the worst.

- Fruit. It contains candida-based natural sugars. No dried fruit. Peanuts are edible if they are in the skin.

- Fermented foods should be avoided, including seasoning with vinegar such as tomato sauce, mustard and dish.

- Cheese and mushrooms that are aged like mushrooms are not allowed

- Tomato products. Tomatoes are acidic and should be avoided, as well as tomato sauce.

Check online for a full candida diet.


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