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The Difference Between Getting Shredded and Working Out

Next week I turn 44. What comes with that is a pile of wisdom I could never have achieved without the fire I had. Also available with age are spare tires that always feature a muffin-shaped head.

I was fortunate enough to marry my hot 13 year old junior who forced me to find new ways to stay in my game and keep things right. The problem is, it's getting harder and harder to fight off bulbs. I swear to you, I have no slugs. I work every day and eat healthier than my counterparts. But I still feel like I'm 40-something, always needing to suck my gut on the beach.

I decided to enter a fitness competition to shake things up. He did what I expected. It makes me lean and strong. But, I have to think; what's the difference 25 pounds ago?

I was working at the time. I'm working right now. I ate at that time. I'm eating right now. What's the difference? As Shakespeare said "let me calculate the way". The difference is so subtle that you'll really miss them if you don't see them.

Fine Differences 101:

1. My training has almost never changed. Now, my workouts change every week in small ways (reps, weights, exercises etc). I mean every week.

2. My diet then may have been good but it has not changed much. I would never have thought that changing your diet is important. Now, my diet changes from week to week. Protein until this week. Carbs went down that week. Water intake this week. Water intake was down that week. All the different reasons, to be honest, far exceeded my understanding. One more thing, I'm eating more food now!

3. My cardio was 40 minutes a day until I exploded. Now, my cardio is only a few times a week with a heart monitor that determines when to increase my intensity. It's all based on what my muscles look like. In other words, evaluating whether or not cardio causes me to lose muscle mass. Well, I didn't know that cardio training was possible.

4. The biggest change and honestly this point is adding coaches to this equation. At that time I didn't have a coach. I also don't think it is necessary to do more than diet, cardio and exercise. In fact, there is no way I can intellectually understand these differences in diet, exercise, and cardio in one go. More than anything, having a weekly check-in with a coach, with pictures to prove your success or failure, is sure to make you honest!

It works for me. It worked for Kim. It will work for you.


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