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7 Foods That Every Expectant Mother Should Avoid

When one finds out she is pregnant, there is a lot of joy that comes with it. The family also comes with safety measures and daily routines that will keep her and her baby safe including diet changes. Although you do need to eat a little more than before, you need to be careful about food choices during pregnancy and below are some foods that are not currently recommended.


Mosquitoes are rich in minerals and vitamins, with some that can cure stomach infections, but they are not safe for your pregnancy. It is believed that they can lead to miscarriage, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. In addition, they have an element known as bromelain that causes diarrhea.

Papaya Unripe:

Papaya and fruits, in general, should be washed before you eat them because they have parasites on the surface. Unwanted papaya is worse because it can cause uterine contractions that can harm the baby. If you must eat this fruit, then make sure it is cooked.


No matter how much you like meat, you should put the unborn baby first and avoid it. This is because meat has coliform bacteria and salmonella that is not suitable for pregnant women. Freshly cooked meat is good, but you should be aware of heated meat as it may contain harmful Listeria.


Not all fish are bad. In fact, eating it in your daily diet is perfect for you and your baby, but you should avoid seafood because of its giant content. If mercury builds up the body, it can harm not only the brain and nerves but also the unborn baby.

Cigarettes and Alcohol:

For a long time smoking and alcohol have been known to cause many health problems. You should avoid this, especially during pregnancy, to prevent the development of the baby's brain.

Milk and Juice:

Milk and yogurt are the only exception to breast milk. Anything with unsafe raw milk including cheese. If you need to take juice, make sure it is also pasteurized.


It is recommended that you only take a cup of tea, coffee or chocolate a day. Beyond that ruins the very important sleep you need. Too much caffeine can also lead to abortion and also prevent normal weight in children.

You must be careful when pregnant, and over food should be avoided at all costs. Also, change your routines and habits to keep you and your baby safe.


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