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Tanning Tablets - Which Are the Best and Safest Ones to Use?

Tanned skin is considered a beautiful and enviable phenomenon, and those who see us spend hours in the sun or lying in solos and suntan beds. However, better, affordable and timely options exist in the use of tanning tablets.

Using these pills means that we are no longer exposed to the health risks associated with the effects of ultraviolet type B radiation and excessive exposure to UV-type UV rays. With today's hectic schedule, not everyone can afford to spend a few free hours down to the beach to take in the sun, and worse, UVA rays are at their optimum in the morning. However, with tanning pills you will no longer have to disappoint in the winter just because of the few tons you have been able to slowly lose with the sun.

Tanning tablets are available in two main types, with many types of pills that are rich in tyrosine. By adding tyrosine the body's natural tanning process becomes optimized as this amino acid is converted to melanin which is the pigment of the brown skin. Different types of tanning pills are rich in certain pigments, and when introduced to the body, they give a golden brown color to the skin's epidermis. In this second category we have canthaxanthin and carotene beta-tanning pills. All of these options are in line with people's desire for synthetic natural products.

Canthaxanthin-based tanning tablets, although effective in producing natural tan, have side effects known as canthaxanthin retinopathy, and are eye irritants characterized by yellow spots growing on the retina. Beta carotene-based tanning beta remains the best alternative due to their side effects, the light brown color in the skin's epidermis, indeed our disguised phenomenon.

Tyrosine-based tanning supplements are effective because the body requires these amino acids for melanin synthesis. Melanin is made from tyrosine and thus increasing its level ensures that we can achieve a deeper tan. Tyrosine supplements also contain copper which is essential in the synthesis of tyrosine for melanin, and is so easy to supplement as it is usually lacking in most diets.

Tyrosine-based tanning pills and carotenoids are definitely the best tan products related to the type of castings that are active ingredients dihydroxyacetone. This colorless sugar interacts with the dead cells of the epidermis and thus results in the tanning process lasting for about five to seven days. This effect is only temporary because the skin cells include those that eat it on a particular day. Worse, by using this product, it leaves a bad impression on the skin. Therefore, using a skin tanning tablet we can tan our skin all year round during the dreaded winter.


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