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Energy Healing & Panic Attacks - Anxiety & Stress Management

You wake up with a cold sweat, you have breathing problems and your heart is racing. At a grocery store or mall your body starts to feel funny, you feel nauseous and you think you might pass. In a crowded room, in an office setting or a big party filled with friends who you may feel confused, unable to function, you are shaking and your heart feels like it is beating your chest. Sometimes, you start to cry uncontrollably, barely catching your breath, and start picking on your hair or yourself or displaying other symptoms of vaginal fidgeting. Have you ever met a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist who knows you have a heart attack waiting to happen or see if you "lost it!" Your diagnosis: Panic attacks, insulting, non-life threatening, indicators from your energy field that you are registering excess energy into your physical system through physical "stress and anxiety" symptoms.

How do you handle your "struggle or flight" response? Increasing your awareness and activating your physical ability to protect yourself is your body's natural defense mechanism. Many people who suffer from car damage or traumatic scenarios show extraordinary courage or personal strength because their minds think "I MUST do this to survive," and their physical body responds to their task. My thoughts went to the man who had to cut off his hand to free himself or freeze when he was trapped under a rock and snow-covered mountain. You know he had to "turn his attention" to the pain of pumping his own arm, and then walked around looking for help. That's the mind of things! He must have chosen a thought that would justify his life.

How do you deal with the over-reaction of your energy? Do you change your anxiety or choose a remedy to "improve" outside? In Power vs. Force, David Hawkins, M.D., describes how your consciousness creates thoughts that either weaken or strengthen you. Think about it, when you're scared, feel your heart. Your thoughts are either boosting or disabling your energy to help control your energetic reactions. Every thought you make has a far greater effect than you may think. By tailoring your mental response to your emotional load, you can choose to be the victim or winner of your fears.

The client has been taking her sedatives for 19 years and visits her psychologist and psychiatrist weekly. I'm a believer in identifying those issues, then taking the Nike "just do it" approach to fixing it, and moving on with your life. In my opinion, she has been wasting her years of fulfillment of all the flavors of life when choosing to live on sedation. She tells everyone that she has panic attacks and a fragile soul to distinguish her from others. His attacks also create drama and short-term attention as his life goes smoothly and he gets bored.

After working with her for 6 weeks, she learned how to control her energy system. He uses his mind-body connection (biofeedback technique) to manage and overcome his physical anxiety response through alert awareness. For months he was fine, but tiring always led his life. Her friend called one day and said that she had returned to medicine. I called to ask why he stopped managing his energy. She says "it's easier to take pills than to be aware all the time, plus I'm bored." Which group does he represent?

In my intuitive diagnostics and energy healing practices, I have come across several types of "features" of individuals suffering from panic attacks:

1. Those with medical conditions and damage that create chemical instability

in their body causing imbalances that produce anxiety such as symptoms.

2. Insecure person (bad self-esteem) who physically acts in scary situations

by allowing themselves to be flooded which results in physical reactiveness


3. People who need attention to focus their attention; individuals who choose to be

victims in life as identities so they openly show dehabilitating symptoms to obtain

recognition. They do not choose to be responsible or responsible for what happened

their lives. Life happens "to" them.

4. People who really enjoy and feed from the "drama" sensations and panic attacks. These people think that a smooth life is boring and unfulfilled.

They think of dramatic effects that are unpredictable and unpredictable

Physical reactions in their lives prove that they have an "interesting" life.

Are you a member of any of these groups?

Panic attacks are created by the sensory load from outside your energy system. It's not YOUR energy that creates the situation, it's the burden that goes into it.

Symptoms of an anxiety attack are mismanagement of your protective response to the burden of the senses.

When you begin to feel panic attacks or anxiety, "do you go into victim mode or assess the situation and control your environment and direct your energy field?

The first thing you need to do is recognize that you ARE beginning to experience emotional burdens. Don't respond to your body's "happenings". Say "I am not the victim of my body."

Next, ask yourself "Am I protecting myself today?" Nine times out of 10 you forgot to protect that day! If you're sensitive to everything, this is REAL! SO get real and learn to protect yourself.

If the physical signs start to sign up, to give yourself more time to evaluate your situation start to say "shield, shield, shield" then "I'm ordering my body to stabilize now, to stabilize now." Next, you need to assert your protection and protect your physical energy field (sometimes called aura).

The soul is the essence of the essence of your energy field that exists forever. In addition to representing your essence, the facts include your energy field, which is the energy that keeps you alive and protects you!

Think of your energy (aura) as a lighthouse that continuously embraces, rotates and sweeps through your body in 360 degrees like a lighthouse that protects the shoreline. The beam of your energy is registering everything to protect you.

The glass-door glass that illuminates the light is the guard room, just as your mind is your "energy or light" control room. As the director of the light of your soul, you must choose whether to allow any access to or influence your building (body).

Once you have placed a protective shield around your energy and body, you stand in the bubble of your director's room, empowered to make your choices about what to do with your absorbing energy in your life. As the lighthouse has space around it to protect its beam from any danger, your shield protects you.

Your soul may be protected by the deliberate mode you use today, but your soul lives in the physical body that resides on the physical earth. These are two separate issues. Buildings (bodies) and the environment in which they are rented and functioning must be protected as they are in and out of the environment and manpower throughout the day.

You have to be constantly and consciously aware of how to choose to direct your mind and develop thoughts that control your body in response to external forces, being human (shouting Aunt Sarah who makes you nervous, shopping malls), the environment (microwave, noise, airport), or self-directed (allowing yourself to work on more than one thing). Use biofeedback.

Biofeedback has been studied by Dr. Miller is in his 50s and is a revolutionary approach using your mind to control your voluntary and voluntary muscle response. Biofeedback works! In today's world, we call it talking to your body (the term "current" is called the connection of the mind) as in Secret, or the movie What Bleep Do We Know * !?

The scientific success of Dr. Emoto demonstrates the fact that talking with water cells alters their molecular structure indicating that we can alter our body's response by directing and speaking to our cells that contain more than 60% of water. When you talk to and direct your body cells, you are actually organizing your physical response rather than reacting to the emotional burdens you and your body are experiencing. Use your mind to direct your body's response.

To take care of myself, I recommend every morning a protective bubble around your field of energy and your body. This is a prayer of intent that will protect you from anything and everything.

I ask, and I intend to surround myself with a smooth mirror - (cocoon, bubble) of Christ White Light (enter the name of the Higher Power), to protect me now, forever, and always, and to justify the Power for the goodness of my soul is the highest and best to pass. Likewise, it is done. Thank you.

Use the term "smooth" so that nothing goes into your locked control room, and only you direct what comes out. Define "mirror", so that you automatically reflect any negative energy or energy charged on you such as sunlight outside the sunglasses.

When you stand in this cocoon, you are in your full power and fully protected with all the energy you have for yourself throughout life. Once you create this bubble Nothing or nothing or anything or energy or entity can enter your control room or defeat you for whatever reason, unless you allow it! Usually in less than 20 seconds you can feel your body relax. You have successfully shifted the sensory load. The more you practice this the faster it works!

If you have extra sensory bombardment or touch armor, you can also add "Shield, shield, shield."

Just as a lifeguard maintains his building, you need to keep your energy field and body clean from everything it bumps, moves through, or attacks while you have a life. Fluorescent lights invade fields of energy, as well as computer fields or microwave fields. Everything you encounter in daily contact and interact with the field of energy of your mind and body.

Therefore, I recommend (as you clean your teeth every night), that you clean your energy field so that it operates with maximum efficiency and responsiveness to your instructions. Here's a quick test: Put a glass of clean water between you and the computer screen. In a moment the water will be filled with bubbles from the computer screen that will attack you!

This is a statement of intent to cleanse your energy field from the energy bugs you get on a daily basis. You keep your bubble clean!

I ask and it is my goal to abolish liberation and release any and all of the energy and entities that make up my current field of energy and send it to Christ White Light

(or your High Power), so it's done.

Ask yourself; are you sensitive to situations and people? Most individuals who register their sensory load have a "gift" of sensitivity. Sensitivity deficiencies can be panic attacks or stress and anxiety from your insignificant sensitivity to what is around you. As a director of your energy field, you want to recognize excess energy for personal protection, but you want to avoid allowing the burden of sensitivity to register in your situation. It may take several days or events to regain control under your control. Don't worry, just be more determined and more aware of what's going on around you to eliminate any "triggers" that might start triggering a load response.

Conscious awareness and caution are the weaknesses in maintaining your control, but there is no overriding concern that rewards. You control what happens, inside and around you!

Take the energy and enrich your life. Become the CEO and not the victim of your body. Remember, the more you practice this the faster your body complies. To me, it's a permanent fix and it manages the gift of life you experience.

YOU are the only energy / entity / person that can allow any other energy or entity to influence you.

Feel free to reprint this article in its original format.

Disclaimer: Brent Atwater collaborates with and participates in continuous energy medicine and intuitive diagnostic research, and independent case studies with world-renowned doctors, physicians, researchers, scientists and medical facilities, helping to produce evidence-based research that combines traditional and alternative healthcare to integrative medicine. Atwater is not a medical doctor or affiliated with any medical branch. Brent works in Alternative Healing, Health Care and Medicine - Integrative Medicine. He offers his opinions on impulse, and personal energy healing work, which is not a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. Always consult with a medical professional or trained healthcare professional about any health problems or conditions before undertaking any diet, health-related program or lifestyle change. As in traditional medicine, there is no guarantee of medical intuition, intuitive medical diagnosis or energy medicine.


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