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Taking Too Much Resveratrol - How Does Resveratrol Over Dosage Affects Human Body?

Resveratrol is a chemical antioxidant found naturally in the seeds and skin of grapes and red wine. They are believed to have many magical properties such as anti-aging, longevity, weight loss and anti-cancer effects. This compound is also believed to have positive effects on the body's cardiovascular function and acts as a blood thinner. Effective medicines that fight cancer cells also contain this agent. Compounds are now found in some health-promoting supplements.

This antioxidant compound has a fascinating history. The so-called 'French paradox' is the basis of his discovery in the western world. However, it is believed that this compound has been used for ages in Japanese and Chinese medicine to provide relief from some body complications.

The French are less prone to heart disease and various cancers even though their fat and smoke consumption is higher than the average American. The answer is found in red wine taken in excess of French or more specifically resveratrol which is red wine.

This chemical compound quickly generates widespread curiosity among doctors, researchers and other health professionals around the world. The higher intake of these compounds found in the French has provided clues as to its credibility.

Soon, some of the supplements that make up this compound are also on the market. This pill is made from a sufficient amount of compound that has been tested to benefit the lab.

Supplements are very helpful in promoting your overall health. They stimulate longevity in your genes, and provide several other health benefits such as optimal metabolic rate, weight loss, cancer treatment and more.

At the same time, studies also show that excessive doses are not without side effects and can harm your body. Some of the side effects associated with overdose are as follows:

  • Tendinitis pain - tendon connects muscles to bone. Excessive supplementation may cause Achilles tendon pain. This pain can also occur in other parts of the body.

  • Arthritic joint pain - excessive will also stimulate Arthritic joint pain.

  • Abdominal pain & diarrhea - Excessive use of compounds has also been reported to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea

  • Insanity in Extremities - this side effect lasts for a short period of time after overdosing, and appears to fade within one or more minutes after use.

  • Frequent anxiety - excess can also stimulate anxiety

  • Eat less - there will be a decrease in appetite. This effect benefits those who are desperate to shed extra pounds from their bodies. Excessive intake can also cause drowsiness.

Side effects are rarely noted, and only in cases of overdose. Simple use of compound will restore your mind, body and soul.


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