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Candida Diet and Catabolism

Catabolism is a new focus in the sports world, and it is also emerging for health reasons. So how do Candida diets and catabolism work together.

Let's start with catabolism before we get to the rest. It is a chemical reaction that breaks down complex molecules to make it easier for energy production. When energy is produced, it is stored as glycogen, (sugar), or fat. An example is simple carbs like white bread, pasta, chips and snacks, and other types of simple carbs.

When we eat this type of food, our bodies break it down and store it for future use if we don't need it now. Calories can be used in the same way.

The problem when it comes to Candida diet and catabolism is that fungi grow with sugar. The more sugar your body has, the more fungi can survive. Essentially, this process helps the Candida fungus to survive.

Both teams are enemies. Diets actually want to work to reduce as much sugar as possible in the body to eliminate fungus. Less catabolism occurs in your body, less food is infected.

The Candida diet focuses on catabolism. High fiber, low starch food helps eliminate Candida fungus. This is the relationship between the Candida diet and catabolism.

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