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Speed Still Kills

A 2007 study, conducted by the University of Southwestern Medical Center of Texas, provided researchers with additional evidence of an ample correlation between amphetamine use and cocaine use among young individuals in Dallas, Houston and elsewhere in Texas.

The study examined patients from the age of 18 to 44, and then determined who had the stroke and what their risk factors were. The study did not reveal the mechanism, but did find an association between amphetamine use and stroke.

Amphetamines and cocaine flow directly into the individual's bloodstream, increasing blood pressure and heart rate. There have been recent animal studies showing that, when these medications are taken intravenously, there is an increase in blood vessels in animals & # 146; brain. Hemorrhagic stroke due to bleeding into the brain when blood clots.

Jane Maxwell, a research scientist at the UT School of Social Work, has researched the same topic for the past 30 years and says the findings are similar to her own. "I saw the death certificates of all people in the state of Texas where cocaine was called, and most of their deaths were linked to blows and heart attacks," he said. The average age of the victim in cases where cocaine was found in the body was 40, and the average age of the victim in which amphetamine was found was 38, Maxwell said.

"Looking at drug use among college students, about 9 percent of college students have used cocaine, four percent have been using it last year and 1 percent have been in the past month. The number of cocaine users in Texas is comparable to the national average," Maxwell said. According to a survey conducted by the University Health Services in the spring of 2006, the level of cocaine and amphetamine use at the University was at a national level.

They were drugs, methamphetamine and cocaine, compared to the reported percentage of UT students, very low. One percent of men and 2 percent of women report cocaine use within the past 30 days. Amphetamines include speed, Adderall and Ritalin, the only drugs with increased reported use. About 4 percent of students say they use it without permission. More women than men admit to using the drugs, the survey said.

Students tend to use Adderall and Ritalin as diet pills. People may also use supplements to keep watch, dress longer or study longer. The number of amphetamines and cocaine use has not changed much over the years, but if there is an increase, it is expected with drugs like Adderall and Ritalin.

A study by UT Southwestern Medical Center also showed that amphetamine abuse included both methamphetamines and frequent abuse of prescription stimuli. Researchers say they would advise students to use this prescription drug that has potential risk.

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