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Some Fad Diets And Their Premises: Do They Work?

More and more fad diets are coming out in the market today. One by one said you will lose weight in as little as possible. You like to think that this diet and fad diet will make losing weight easier. Most of them say "eat some of these foods" and "eat only this way" and you will lose weight. There are fad diets that lead to rapid weight loss, and some are difficult to follow. All you need to be careful about is a diet that can endanger your health. Here is a list of the most popular fad diets:

  • Raw Food Diet - It's basic knowledge (and experts recommend) that eating more fruits and vegetables while cutting out snacks causes you to shed pounds. Instead, the recommended raw diet foods are to avoid cooked and processed foods. Consumers of raw food say that cooking destroys the nutrient content of the food. It makes sense, by the way, that cooking does not reduce the nutrient levels of some cakes. However cooked vegetables are still loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Another advantage of cooking is that it actually increases the nutrients found in some foods and kills bacteria at the same time. You could say that raw diet is an extreme form of veganism. The downside is that preparing food is impractical. If you want to stick to a raw food diet, be willing to spend hours mixing, cooking, breeding, dehydrating, cutting, planting, restoring and cutting your food.

  • Alkaline diet - Other names for this diet are alkaline acid diet and alkaline ash diet. You should consume more fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts during the alkaline diet. All you have to do is avoid alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat, candy and processed and homemade foods. There are positive points to this as it can stimulate weight loss, but it does not affect your body's pH at all. The fact that your body pH affects your weight has not been scientifically proven. But the alkaline diet is labeled as a very strict and complicated diet. It bans dairy, meat and alcohol as part of a healthy eating plan.

  • Blood Type Diet - According to this diet, your blood type determines your reaction to the food you eat. It's okay. It's mainly a chemical process. If your blood type is O, for example, you would rather eat fruits, vegetables and lean meat. You should avoid dairy and wheat. Meanwhile, the blood type diet says that type A individuals should go vegetarian, whereas type B nutrition should avoid wheat, corn, beans, sesame seeds, tomatoes and chicken. The irony of this fad diet is that it is not scientifically proven and very strict, depending on your blood type.

  • The Werewolf Diet - This diet is also called the moon diet. Adhering to this diet means you need to fast according to the lunar calendar. During the whole month or month, you will fast, taking only juice and water. The werewolf diet claims that you can lose six pounds of water in one day. The downside of this diet is that it doesn't work. You will lose weight because you are eating too much and the moon has nothing to do with it. Plus, your weight will come back.

These are some of the most popular fad diets. If you want to lose weight, it may seem tempting to try this diet. However, do the necessary research to find out some of the most effective fad diets.


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