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Russian Air Force Diet - A 7 Day Diet That Quickly Rid Off Few Pounds

Another low-calorie diet that makes its name in the fitness industry is the Russian diet. It was originally designed to maintain the right military, the Russian Air Force diet is similar to the 3 Day diet but does not last for three days, the Russian Air Force diet runs for seven days, and it offers different menus.

While on the A Russian Air Force diet, people are encouraged to drink 4 glasses of water or diet soda per day. Spices like herbs, salt, pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, mustard and tomato sauce at meal time. On the first day According to the Russian Air Force diet, nutritionists only need to drink coffee for breakfast. The next meal consisted of 2 eggs and tomatoes. Dinner is served with 7 ounces of red meat and green salad. While this diet supports low calories, has lean meat and eats fruits, it can be adjusted to provide the right calorie count. It is low energy and people are advised not to work because it does not include a lot of carbohydrates, which banks muscle for fuel.

The Russian Air Force diet cannot last beyond 7 days because it is considered to be an important nutrient starvation. Side effects include head light and poor concentration. It's a 7-day diet that quickly loses a few pounds. After that time, people are encouraged to go back to eating wisely. Here are the other menus for the next 6 days.

Day 2

Breakfast includes coffee and a toast or 3 crackers.

Lunch includes seven ounces of red meat and green salad.

Dinner is served with 5 and ½ ounces of ham and 1 cup of yogurt.

Day 3

Today they still offer coffee and toast or crackers for breakfast.

Lunch is served with a green salad and 1 tomato and 1 orange or mandarin.

Dinner is served with 3 and a half ounces of ham, fruit salad and 2 eggs.

Day 4

It starts the day with coffee, a piece of toast or crackers.

The second dish has 5 and ¼ ounces gruyere cheese, 1 egg and 1 carrot.

Dinner is served with fruit salad and 1 cup of yogurt.

Day 5

Breakfast offers 5 and ¼ ounces ham and 1 cup of radish.

Lunch is served with 7 ounces of cooked fish and 1 tomato.

Dinner offers 8 and an ounce of red meat.

Day 6

Breakfast still offers coffee, a piece of toast or crackers.

Lunch is served with citrus fruits and ¼ grilled chicken.

Dinner is served with 2 eggs and 1 cup raw radish.

Day 7

The last day still has coffee, toast or crackers to offer.

Lunch is served with 7 ounces of red meat and citrus fruits.

Dinner is available with such individuals but should be less than 500 calories.


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