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Foods That Sabotage Losing Abdominal Fat

Let's talk about some foods that you definitely need in moderation when you are about to start losing belly fat.

These are foods that can really sabotage your weight loss efforts, and the best thing to do is to avoid them together, at least restrict them as much as possible.

An important aspect of success in your quest to lose belly fat is that for the most part you should feel free to enjoy the foods you love to eat, do this in smaller amounts. The problem is that the foods we like are foods that contain these "sabotaging ingredients".

Due to the fact that in order to stick to your weight loss plan, you have to indulge in an odd occasion, the best thing to do here is to not cut this food completely. Instead just carefully limit this food and really do have it when you really need it. This will help you stick to your plan instead of giving up!

The first food we are going to talk about is sugar. Sugar is a very bad ingredient when you try to lose belly fat, especially white sugar. This should be avoided as much as possible.

It would be a bit unrealistic to expect you to never eat anything containing white sugar again, but at least recognize foods containing white sugar and try to avoid them as much as you can.

It is believed that sugar is the leading cause of diabetes, as it causes your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. This then leads to an increase in insulin production.

When your body produces too much insulin, it causes your cells to survive. The extra calories you eat from sugar can also cause your heart to make extra fat too.

Excessive insulin in your body can also cause blood clots that can cause stroke or heart attack. It can also increase your cholesterol levels and cause plaque buildup in your arteries which in turn can increase your blood pressure as your kidneys retain salt.

Insulin resistance is a condition caused by the production of more insulin in your body for a long time. This resistance is what can lead to severe obesity and make stomach fat loss very difficult.

It should be noted that sugar is not only found in cookies, cakes and candies, but can also be hidden in products we don't expect such as sauces, grains, cereals and even bread!

The next item on our list to discuss is white flour. This is another ingredient that can boost blood sugar levels quickly. White flour is used in most baked products and also in many sauces as a thickener.

Because white flour is used in many different products, it is very difficult to avoid it. If you are a big fan of baking products then it is not possible to cut it completely.

If you can't cut them together then you need to think seriously about cutting them all of a sudden. It is considered the second worst of the sabotaging foods next to sugar. Try and make changes to the grain product whenever possible.

Another of our favorite foods but also on the sabotage list is potatoes. I have to admit, they are definitely one of my favorite foods too, unfortunately they can also increase your blood sugar levels. This is due to the fact that they have high carbohydrate, your blood sugar type fast.

People will think that sweet potato will be worse just because they are sweeter, but they do not seem to have an adverse effect on blood sugar levels.

So if you are thinking of having potatoes, then try and get sweet potatoes as they are also high in vitamins where potatoes have very little nutritional value.

Last on our list is white rice. Many people seem to think that because most Asians look thin and healthy, and I thought this way at first, white rice should be good for you.

Asians are thinner and healthier because they are more Western-minded. They will eat less snacks and also have healthier foods like many seafoods.

Where possible try and substitute red rice for white rice because brown rice will not raise your blood sugar in the same way as white rice. This is due to the fact that the fiber left outside the rice seems to be able to reduce blood sugar spikes.

High fiber foods will not cause blood sugar spikes in the same way as their delicate counterparts.

A good plan is to try and have only one meal from this group weekly, this way you won't cut out some of your favorite foods.


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