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Rope Skipping Workout to Help Women Lose Belly Fat

Skipping Strap Is A Woman Used To Enjoy

Rope skipping is a great exercise, however, for most women the last time they skipped back was when they were younger or maybe in high school. Using a jump rope can be very effective in helping women lose belly fat and it is a shame that something so easy gets a lot more looks. Although I see many of my customers who can easily walk or walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes, most people cannot skip the rope for 5 minutes without stopping. Think about when you were younger and how much fun it was off the ropes. In fact, only a few people take the leap seriously and those who tend to be in top positions like professional boxers or MMA fighters.

What Muscles Will Rope To Work At Your Body

Skipping rope will work on almost every single muscle fiber in your body. I will say that after the first exercise you use the jump rope that you will become ill in a place you never knew existed before. The first time I did my exercise routine with my whole body leap I felt like I was burning and sick for a few days. Not only will jumping rope help you lose belly fat so you will lean and toned in no time. It will not only work your core muscles, but also your thighs, calves, arms, and shoulders.

The Best Type Of Rope To Buy To Skip And Work Out

I've seen ropes for as low as $ 5 and although any strap would work I recommend getting a good quality speed strap. You can find a speed cord for less than $ 20 at almost any sporting goods store. That's why I recommend spending less on the rope so you don't break it and so you can get it that allows you to adjust the length. Make sure the rope is long enough so that when you jump the rope does not continue to hit your head and is short enough that you can take speed for your cardio exercises.

10-minute straps skip the Fat Kicking Belly for Women routine

First make sure you stand in front of the clock or have something that will save time without having to look down or stop jumping. For the first 3 minutes jump rope nonstop at a slow, moderate rate to warm your muscles. After a three-minute warm-up for 60 seconds and now the training begins. Jump rope as fast as possible for 60 seconds and rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 6 to 10 minutes.

1. Heat 3 minutes on low to medium speed
2. Rest for 1 minute
3. 1 minute jump rope as fast as possible
4. 30 second rest
5. 1 minute rope skips as fast as possible
6. 30 second rest and repeat for 6 minutes

How To Skip Strap Right For Fat Removal

Initially many people will tend to jump twice between turns of rope, this is also known as bouncing twice. This is fine if you're just starting out because you need to get your calves and abdominal muscles in better shape. When you jump rope, you need to be careful not to move your arm and it should be your wrist that does most of the rope. If you want to speed up the rotation of the strap then just increase the speed you rotate your wrist.

When you first jump the rope for 3 minutes straight it will be your own training. I suggest you spend the first 2-3 weeks of your work only to skip the rope for three minutes straight. If you mess up this means that your entire three minutes are up and you continue until you reach this point.


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