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Qigong Practices for Hypertension - Practice Number 5

Qigong is not just about exercise: Although modern qigong today is just another new age fad in exercise, traditionally, qigong practitioners see qigong as a way of life that incorporates more: diet, exercise, herbs and Chinese medicine - in fact, everything working for the health and well-being of the whole.

Therefore, the practice of qigong mentioned in these articles and others is not a modern qigong that is practiced solely by the new age club, but is a traditional preventive and holistic alternative health practice. In this context, I would like to discuss the fifth qigong / chi kung practice for hypertension - hydration: Drink plenty of water.

Water purifies toxins and provides much-needed oxygen. We know we should drink at least six to ten glasses of water every day, but what kind of water?

Only the cleanest and cleanest kind.

Why not minerals or springs? Because it contains minerals that our body cannot digest and create mineral deposits that lead to all kinds of diseases such as arthritis and sciatic nerve pain. This only adds to the pressure of toxins in our body, leading to high blood pressure and other diseases.

There are two types of minerals: organic minerals derived from plants and which are digestible, and inorganic from soil. You're not going to eat rust to get your iron? That's why inorganic minerals - minerals that our body can't absorb. Instead they accumulate and accumulate in our joints, bones and organs and muscle tissue, causing all kinds of dysfunction, which confirms our body.

Organic minerals come from fruits and vegetables, plants that use photosynthesis to convert inorganic minerals from the earth into organic matter and nutrients that our body can digest.

Therefore, only drink ancient water that has undergone distilled water or reverse osmosis. Water distillation is the process by which water is heated and condensed, leaving pollutants behind. The distilled water is further filtered through carbonated charcoal to remove any other particles that may escape the distillation process, thus leaving 99.99% pure water.

Another way to get pure water is through reverse osmosis: the water is pressed through the membrane that filters the pollutants, then treated with carbonated charcoal, again leaving 99% pure water.

How can drinking water help reduce high blood pressure? By hydrating the body, it provides oxygen to the dry cells, promoting cell regeneration. It cleanses the body of toxins and softens the impurities for removal.

The detoxification process helps to reduce the stresses that cause toxins in the body, toxins that otherwise do not increase the stress on the normal functioning of the body, and we all know that one of the major causes of stress is hypertension.

Therefore, oxygenate the body, remove toxins and reduce pressure and help reduce high blood pressure.


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