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Hypertension - A Silent Killer

Hypertension in the simplest sense means 'high blood pressure'. Medical science calls this condition, 'arterial hypertension', but hidden under the obvious simplicity of the term is the face of a silent killer. These silent killers can cause heart attacks, stroke, arterial aneurysm, eye damage, or complete kidney failure out of the blue, and no one will give any indication or indication that something is boiling inside for the worst results. Therefore, it is important that hypertension is diagnosed and treated early, before things are inevitable.

The important question is how to determine if someone is suffering from arterial hypertension. The biggest roadblock in diagnosing hypertension is the virtual absence of any solid symptom as it can often be called a high blood pressure feature. In other words, a person, despite having hypertension, may not show clear signs. Every thing will look normal and that person may be as cheerful and healthy as a child. It is only when something happens that it may take notice of the developments. In some cases unfortunately things may have happened in that time.

Of course that doesn't mean that all types of hypertension are without any symptoms. Severe cases of hypertension may include headache, sleepiness, dizziness, and worse, coma. In such cases, diagnosis will be easier and faster, but timely treatment is very important.

Based on the factors leading to high blood pressure, these medical conditions can be classified into primary hypertension - or essential hypertension - and secondary hypertension. The cause of hypertension is largely unknown. And to make things even more complicated, these are the most reported cases. On the other hand, secondary hypertension will have certain causes, which in most cases are medical issues such as alcohol abuse, endocrine tumors, hormone problems or kidney disorders. Again, if the known causes are known, hypertension can be treated and easily contained, but it will be more gambling in other cases.

Treatment for Hypertension

Treatment for hypertension usually includes a combination of drugs and a disciplined lifestyle. It should be noted that none of this will work if taken independently. A person with hypertension should follow the prescription at the same time practicing a healthy lifestyle marked by a controlled diet and exercise / physical exercise.

Finally, one should also be aware that existing hypertension issues can be exacerbated by activities such as smoking, drinking, and steroid-containing drugs. Therefore, be careful to avoid such things from one's daily activities.

After all, remember the old saying that health is wealth!


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