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Powerful Belly Exercise - The Mountain Climbers

Trying to find the most effective exercises to burn body fat and stomach is not easy. You're basically looking for the best value for your time, training that really eliminates fat.

One of these exercises is Mountain Climbers, a powerful exercise that will really pump your heart out and shed sweat.

You start a mountaineering exercise by going to a push-up position, only you will not work your chest this time, you will be working your legs, abs, and cardiovascular system. By doing so, you will not only strengthen your abs, but you will also burn a lot of body fat and stomach.

This exercise is simple: move one foot forward towards your arm as if you were taking a big step. Right now, you are bent over one knee while the other leg is stretched behind you. Now, quickly switch between the two legs so the other leg is bent and the first one is straight behind you. It's okay. It's as if you were climbing a wall, just you. You're doing that on the floor.

At all times, your hands cannot move at all. Keep your hands at shoulder width apart and try not to bend or arc your butt too much.

To exercise quickly to really get the heart pumping. It's a bit like walking just because you put more pressure on your feet. Also, because your position always requires you to hold yourself straight to your stomach, you get incredible abdominal exercises.

I doubt you can do this for more than a minute, especially at first. This is a type of exercise that is hard to do, no matter your current level of fitness.

Be sure to include mountain climbers in your exercise routine. This is a great exercise that is easy to do at home or at the gym.


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