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Oral Absorption in Spray Vitamins

Medicine has grown at a dramatic rate over the past fifty years. We can now take supplements that improve our health, prevent illness, and fight the effects of aging. As we have gained a greater understanding of how the human body works, new drugs and methods of delivery have been created. One of the latest is oral absorption, in which the drug is administered through a spray directly to the back of the mouth or throat.

After a number of comprehensive studies at leading universities and hospitals, many physicians have agreed that absorption of medical spray and supplements is much higher than current caplets. When given orally, tests at MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) show that vitamins and nutrients reach higher blood concentrations faster than those given through pills or capsules. In fact, some supplements can start to work on your body about 30 minutes faster than when administered via a capsule or pill.

The oral spray method also enhances the effectiveness of the supplement. Usually, your body uses only 10% of the nutrients in capsules or pills. With oral absorption of just over 90% of the nutrients used, which gives less strain to the liver and digestive tract, both are responsible for filtering out unused or wasted nutrients. Not only does it reduce tension on your body, but it also reduces tension on your wallet. Oral absorption absorption is cheaper because they do not need to contain almost any target ingredient to achieve saturation in your body.

Because the spray is fast absorbed, they do not require complex delivery mechanisms, which in turn reduces the cost, but also means that they do not contain filler agents, casing, or fasteners that are often found in cabinets. This means that the only ingredient you ingest is your supplement, nutrient, or medicine.

Oral absorption is safer, easier and more effective than normal delivery. Anyone from child to adult can take them without risk. Even people with gastrointestinal disorders, which often interfere with the body's ability to absorb nutrients, can safely take oral spray and receive the medication or nutrients they need. Best of all, spray can be taken with care anytime, anywhere. They can be easily carried in bags or bags and you do not need water.


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