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Colloidal Silver Products - Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics?

Thanks to eye-opening research and growing demand for natural alternatives to antibiotics, we now have reliable options for combating viruses and bacterial infections.

It seems that the main alternative to antibiotics is colloidal silver products. Among the many choices of colloidal silver leading products: New Silver Solution.

Are All Colloidal Silver Products the Same?

The New Silver Solution holds various patents and is the only colloidal silver product that has been issued in the past eighty years. Of all the colloidal silver products, Silver New Solution has a "sister" (thicker version) product that has been approved by the EPA as a hospital disinfectant. In addition, it is the only colloidal silver product that has received homeopathic remedies from several African countries.

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Many independent studies have been conducted on the New Silver Solution. Dr Ron Leavitt PhD from Brigham Young University concludes that one should take more than 30 liters of Silver Solution daily before experiencing any adverse effects. The average daily dose is 1 - 2 teaspoons a day.

An international test lab, NAMSA, is testing on laboratory mice weighing 200 pounds. Man eats four 8oz. bottles at a time. This is between 100 and 200 times the usual dose. Testing revealed no evidence of toxicity in mice.

Known Side Effects?

In addition, after being marketed for many years and taken by thousands with over one million bottles sold, there are no documented reports of any adverse side effects of taking The New Silver Solution.

Now let's compare some common side effects of conventional antibiotics.

o Diarrhea, mild to severe

o Rashes

o Anaphylactic Fall

o Yeast Infection

o Negative Drug Interactions

o Increased Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills

o Misuse of Antibiotic Effectiveness

General Use of Silver Colloidal Products

Although clinically proven to kill more than 650 known bacteria and viruses, some of the more common diseases and diseases in which the Silver Solution will benefit us as a natural alternative to antibiotics are:

o Abdominal pain & diarrhea

or bronchitis

o Cold wounds

o Aches & Ear infections

or Flu

o Food poisoning

o Sinus Infection

o Neck pain

o Damaged tooth

o Vaginal Yeast Infection

New Silver Solution Gel has proven to be very effective in healing or curing:

Burns (from radiation to sunlight)

Cuts and Wounds

Insect bit

Benefits Added

An added benefit of using colloidal silver products is that they do not kill useful bacteria in our gut.

The negative side effect of conventional antibiotics is that they eliminate the beneficial bacteria in our colon. Healthy bacteria produce vitamin B and folic acid. They also compete with bacteria and bad yeast to eliminate infections. When antibiotics kill good bacteria, our immune system is weak and exposed to super infections, such as MRSA.

Best Options for Antibiotic Alternatives

If you're one of the many people who are looking for natural alternatives to antibiotics, then colloidal silver products may be the only answer you are looking for. The New Silver solution is safe, non-toxic, and clinically proven to kill hundreds of strains of bacteria and viruses without known side effects.


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