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New European Weight Loss Diet That You Haven't Heard of Yet!

Losing weight is a difficult battle. In most programs you lose weight and once you return to your life, all your hard work is wasted and you can gain all that weight.

There are usually 3 things people do when they want to lose weight:

1) Eat less

2) Eat a more balanced diet

3) Work on a diet

NONE of them will work! Why not?

1) Eat Less

Eating less will slow down your metabolism so your body cannot burn the food you eat. You also tell your body that there will be a period of time where it will not get food, so when you eat, your body stores food as fat.

2) Eat a more balanced diet

Well in theory, but in practice, when you eat better, you don't put yourself into a deficit, so you won't lose weight.

3) Work on a diet

So first, you limit your calorie intake, so you force your body to burn calories that are no longer available by working. In order to build muscle you need to eat protein and fat, without that group of food, any time and energy you spend in the gym is wasted.

New Ways to Lose Weight

1) Eat more food

2) Eat more protein

3) Start working on the third week

Your whole body is made of protein, your hair, your organs, your skin. Ordinary people don't eat enough protein to maintain their body, let alone gain muscle.

Everyone needs half their weight in grams of protein to be healthy. So if I'm 140 pounds, I need 70 grams (140/2 = 70) of protein EVERY DAY! That's a lot of protein, that our food doesn't have.

Imagine having to eat that amount of chicken protein

1 chicken breast, without taste or sauce has 404 calories and only 30 grams of protein, you need to have 3 chickens daily to get your protein count and you will get the daily intake you need (over 1200 calories) and that doesn't count the rest of the diet. you'll eat with the chicken.

Let's say you're a vegetarian and you eat beans / peas as your source of protein

1 cup of beans has 238 calories but only 13 grams of protein, you need to eat more than 5 cups of beans EVERY DAY! And again with just peanuts you will exceed your calorie intake (over 1200 calories). And again it doesn't count the rest of the food you will eat along with the beans.

This is a big problem.

So 25 years ago, Dr Tran developed a weight loss protocol in France, which gives you the amount of protein you need without calories, while keeping you full and energetic.

Why haven't you heard it? Because they don't advertise to users. This weight loss program is only available through health practitioners. They want to make sure that you lose weight both physically and permanently.

The ideal protein gives you packaged foods, which do NOT contain MSG or GMO. The food is either before (like a bar or chips) or in powder form, where you add water and heat and you get food!

There are 3 phases to your diet, you stay on Level 1 until you reach your weight loss goals (2 Ideal Protein Snacks, 1 Ideal Protein Snack and 1 regular meal, plus 4 cups veggies), then Level 2 you take 1 Ideal Protein Eat and replace with normal foods and then Phase 3 where you return to eat normal foods.

This is the ONLY diet program out there that has developed a way for you to return to your normal life and maintain weight.

It was originally designed to help French Olympic athletes lose fat and gain muscle, so it's given to people who are obese and are now available to you.


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