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Lose Belly Fat - The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Worst Way to Lose Belly Fat

1. Sit down. You can do thousands of seats per week and it will do anything to get rid of your belly fat. Why is that? Because exercises that focus on this part of the body do not burn many calories. The most important thing to do is focus on one part of the body as this does not burn the fat on certain parts of the body. That's not how the body works. Remember that when you read about the worst ways to lose belly fat.

2. Crunches. Everything you read about sit-ups also applies to crunches.

3. Using Ab Training Machine. You know what ab-machines you see being advertised on TV all the time? They are a waste of time & money.

4. Weight Training Machines (Like Those You Look For In Gym.) This is actually better and you should use it one to two times a week to build muscle. But by themselves they will not help you lose belly fat.

The Best Way to Reduce Belly Fat

1. A metabolism food that promotes a diet that is easily digestible. Most diets (especially low calorie diets) actually slow down your metabolism so it is difficult to get rid of your excess fat. But dietary metabolism uses the concept of "holidays" to give your body a "calorie spike" that causes your body to over metabolize. This helps your body burn fat (including belly fat!) Faster. It is also important that this diet does not include any calorie count or storage of any type of food diary so it is not too difficult to stick to.


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