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Hypertension - I Have High Blood Pressure

I promised myself that I would be back in good shape on February 28th. There is nothing specific about this date other than my son's weekend in Nascar which ended the day before. My first trek was 60 meters followed by a half minute break and finished with another 60 runs. Getting started is about taking the first step and getting started. The day one returns to form is short.

Fast forward 43 days, the day I started to get better. I woke up before my alarm felt good and refreshed from my sleep. My sports gear lay on the floor next to my bed waiting for me. Today's challenge is to run 3.5 miles on the treadmill for the first time.

My treadmill running has been amazing, my pace has been the fastest since I started running this year.

9:28 AM they call my name in the lounge, with my name being called early must be a good sign for our first meeting. The assistant took my blood pressure and I waited for the doctor to appear. My new doctor is straight ahead and not any kind of sugar. I prefer the information sent to me this way because time has a way of softening everything. "Rick you have high blood pressure" my jaw almost dropped to the floor. How tall is that? It's really high, from the charts it says.

I wasn't sure what to think so I told my doctor I didn't know what to do but I was open-minded and heard everything you said. I took my notebook, pen and wrote down everything she told me.

The food will be bland, no spice from the jar as it has sodium. Keep your sodium level below 1500 mg daily. Take this medicine once a day and other medicines twice a day. We are not sure how long you have this high blood pressure so we will send you to consult a cardiologist. They will be able to determine if there is damage to your heart. The last statement scares me, I need my heart to live and watch my family grow. I kept writing everything she said, so I had the opportunity to ask my doctor questions. My first question is that I started running a few weeks ago, can I keep running? He said well you walk, I'm also a runner. Keep working because you have to lose 100 pounds or the equivalent of a 14 year old girl!


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