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How Often Can You Do "Core Training" Part 1

The buzz about "core" muscle work doesn't seem to be going away. First of all, most people don't know what "core" means. Actually not me either! The words 'core' doesn't come from the science-fiction text I've read. As far as I can tell, it is a term made by the fitness industry to promote all types of ab training products.

I think core training should give you a flat stomach or maybe a 6 pack. I think this myth about core training is also how many new sports training styles are becoming popular because the training of athletes seems to appeal to people who think they are doing core training. So what's your core?

As far as I can tell, people think their core is their abs, the oblique muscles (the muscles on both sides of the abs) and your back muscles. This collection of muscles forms the "core" of the myth. Now, if anyone other than graduate biochemists tell you, they know exactly how these muscles work, they lie, and may not do enough research to find out they are lying (technically it's not wrong to confuse you). The core muscles are very complex and the truth is that scientists are still uncertain exactly how they all work together. So now we can see we don't know how all the core muscles work together, how you might think you train them in a smart way!

The truth so far is that any exercise works your core muscles to some degree or another. Once you get up and get out of bed in the morning, your core muscles need to be activated to prevent you from just flapping on the waist. All forms of tight physical activity will work your core muscles. For example, one of the most difficult core exercises you can do is a short series of runs. Don't trust me? Give this sprint time a try and see how painful the 'core' is. and 'abs'. the next day.

20 meter sprint x 4

Sprint 40 pages x 4

60 sprint yards x 4

80 sprint yards x 4

100 page sprints x 4

After each sprint go back to the beginning and repeat until you have completed 4 sprints at that distance, then take a second 90-120 rest and start the next distance. If you reject this, your whole body needs to be sick tomorrow including the 'core' muscles. I will bet this is not the image you have in your head of 'practice'. terrace.

You can train the 'core' muscles. every day if you want, which isn't much to say because they work all the time. With that said, some core exercises are better than others, and training people usually think for the core cannot be done on a daily basis, and some of them like crunches at all. In the second part of this article I will discuss the right and wrong ways to train your body.


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