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Fastest Way to Lose Weight - How To Guide

Learning the fastest way to lose weight can be done in less than an hour, but most nutritionists struggle to lose weight. Today we look at one of the ways women women use to lose extra pounds quickly, even after giving birth. You can learn from their success and get back on track for the new you!

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

The first thing I do when a new client comes to my Skinny Asian Diet program is to evaluate and change the type of food they eat on a daily basis. It is the absolute key to finding the fastest way to lose weight and without it, you will have more time to lose weight.

Basic version of Asian diet centers around protein. You might think it's rice, which is normal of course, but protein dominates our dish at every meal. From skinless chicken, to various kinds of fish, tofu and lean meat, we eat about twice as much protein as we do carbohydrates (rice, bread) at every meal.

The result of this kind of diet is that Asian metabolism is strengthened throughout the day, as protein has two main effects on the body when it is eaten:

1. Proteins are harder to digest,which means the body works harder to move it through our system. This extra work causes the body to consume more calories to process the same amount of protein than fat or carbohydrates, which is like getting a little exercise just to eat some fish!

2. Proteins have a thermogenic effecton the extra calorie burn. Which is a fancy word used to say that it improves metabolism and allows us to burn fat and calories without extra effort.

3. Protein is the most difficult type of food for the body to become fatand keep it somewhere in the body. You can eat 20% more calories from protein and still not maximize your fat cells as carbohydrates, which is amazing when you think about it.

By eating protein, you will feel more saturated, with fewer calories, with less calories being turned into cellulite in your body. Nothing extraordinary?

Asian women eat protein like crazy, and this is one of the reasons why they have so much success in gaining and maintaining their same body at age 16 even in the 50's. You need to make it a daily priority, and focus on eliminating as many carbohydrates and calories as possible.

The only exception is vegetables of course, which are encouraged of course. Try to consume your vegetables and use lemon juice as a seasoning, nothing healthier!

Today everyone I spoke to today is sick with the latest diet program, where you either STARVING or try BRUTAL exercises to lose weight.


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