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Are TV Food Commercials Killing Your Diet? - 4 Ways We Stop Night Cravings & Watch TV Every Night!

Everyone knows the worst part about staying on a diet is fighting against the craving of late-night food. Many diet articles say DON & TV T WATCH because of all the food ads. Get Real! Do they think we'll be giving up TV every night so we can eat? In fact, of course we watch TV and at 9pm, the food ads look great! And we're happy! Here's how we found this way to combat this for 4 or 6 hours between dinner & bed - AND DELIVER TV. Here are 4 simple ways we have worked with the US WORK ... so we can fight the urge and enjoy the night again.

1. Use your DVR
The point is ... you don't have to watch ads in this modern age. We use DVRs to record all of our favorite programs and watch them that night or the next night. We move forward through all the ads, and because the shows have less disruption, we enjoy them more. And we're not tempted by adorable food ads to break our diet. DVR's It's a preferred device with most cable television companies or you can buy DVRs separately in most electronics stores. We're starting to do this because we don't like how ads destroy the continuity of the shows we watch. Then, we got that bonus when it also helped us fight all the food ads.

2. Use your PC
We use this together with the DVR. We got home from work, had a healthy dinner, and then watched our network nightly news. After that, we checked the TV menu for what it was that night, set a DVR to record the 2 programs we wanted to save, and watched the recording last night. Then, we went to our PC. If you like us, you can spend a lot of time, many hours on your PC and you'll still be amazed at how fast time goes by. We review and write emails, get on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, read & comment on messages from our friends, and pay bills with online banking. Occasionally we will do some research on a favorite subject, early purchase or future travel plan. I checked my online weight loss business and made some tweaks. When we're done, it's time to sleep. She used her computer, I'm on my desktop, and we were both so absorbed in our online activities that we became hungry. But now, it's been 4-5 hours since dinner. Do we go to bed hungry or do we eat something?

3. Don't Drown Yourself
I have type 2 diabetes and I learned this at the hospital after having surgery. They give me peanut crackers every night to keep my blood sugar up till morning & I've been using that diabetes snack method ever since. Alternatively, after the PC, if I was really hungry, I would have a PB&J sandwich that had almost the same amount of calories (using 50 calories, two fiber bread slides & diet jam). I'll wash it with low sodium V8 juice. I get fruits, protein, fiber, and vegetables in this low calorie snack. My wife likes to have a bowl of Raisin Bran with skim milk. The point is, to stay on a diet, don't starve yourself. The middle half between dinner and breakfast, high fiber snacks, low sugar and low calories is a very good thing.

4. Get More Sleep
We used to stay up until midnight which gave us 6 hours of sleep. As we get older, we need more rest so when we finish at 9: 30-10 PM, we go to sleep. We read and even use our time to talk to each other. Reading makes us sleepy which helps us have a quiet night. We have found that getting enough sleep is very important for our health - and in maintaining our diet.

4 easy ways above that we use to spend the evening will definitely work for us . There are alternatives, of course, such as hobbies or video game activities that will work as well. These rules will help you fight the urge for high calorie sweets and enjoy your night more. If you are interested in our diet choices during the day, check out our website below and leave a comment.


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