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Common Diet Pills and Their Side Effects

Diet Pills can be dangerous and the side effects differ from one pill to another because they are all made from different ingredients. We know there are good diet pills that are often seen on television that are recommended to help you lose weight and have been through extensive research. But there are bad pills that are also said to be effective, backed by research and testimony that often blinds us all.

The best way to lose weight is regular exercise and proper diet and I have written this phrase many times. Losing weight is not easy. In today's society, we are often bound to live an "instant" lifestyle. Instant noodles for breakfast, potato chips for lunch, burgers for lunch and after all the work we have done throughout the day, we enjoy a drive-by meal before we go to bed at night. Because of this, we all look for ways to lose weight instantly without having to go through a lot of work.

This is part of the weight loss pill that may ring bells and their side effects.

  • Duromine - Although this is only prescribed for obese patients, the active ingredient is phentermine which is said to cause dry mouth, blurred vision, palpitations, high blood pressure and insomnia. This is an appetite suppressant.

  • Alli - Since Alli prevents the absorption of fat, you are able to absorb essential nutrients to be reduced. These are some of the side effects: bloating, gas, diarrhea, oily cramps, flatulence, muscle cream and gall bladder problems.

  • Meridia - It is available as a prescription drug only and is widely available in many countries. It is very effective but has been found to cause anorexia in some patients. Some of the side effects are: high blood pressure, constipation, chest pain, yellow fever, abnormal bruising and bleeding.

  • Ephedra - This is a widely known fat burner widely used in the UK. It has been said that this pill caused 155 deaths in 2004 alone. Some of the side effects are: dizziness, insomnia, seizures, stroke and hyperthemia.

  • Orlistat - Just like Alli, this is a fat blocker. Although it is widely used in different countries and is known as Xenical (brand name), the product has undergone extensive and functional research but has reduced absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Adipex - The side effects of this pill are very life-threatening. It has been said that Adipex can lose 2 pounds per week but cannot be used with any other drug and can be used for up to 12 weeks. Side effects are: confusion, hallucinations, diarrhea, stomach aches, irregular heartbeats, convulsions and aggression.

  • Phentermine - This pill is said to be illegal in many countries because of its life-threatening side effects. Like Adipex, it can help you lose 2 pounds per week. Some of the side effects are: blurred vision, heartburn (acid reflux), diarrhea and abdominal pain.

  • Reductil - This is only prescribed by doctors who have a BMI above 30, aged 19 to 64. Side effects are also very dangerous. Some of the side effects are: headaches, stomach aches, diarrhea, nausea, depression, impotence, seizures, menstrual cycle disorders and kidney disorders.

It is very easy for us to be blinded by the effectiveness of the claimed product as we are often looking for quick weight loss solutions that can give us the desired results in the short term. But there are many things to consider before taking diet pills and the most important is the quality and safety of the product.


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