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Boost Your Fat Burning With a Progressive Cardio Training Plan

When doing a weight loss plan it is important that you not only change your diet by limiting your calories or starvation by eating once or twice a day.

To give yourself the best chance to melt body fat and keep it away, you need to take your body fat with three strokes.

Proper fat burning programs include:

  • Eligible Nutrition Plan

  • Effective Weight Training Program

  • Right Cardio Exercise

Although most people do not get enough exercise, when they decide to lose weight, they go too far.

One day they ate everything. Next, they starve themselves and do two hours of aerobics every day. It's a bad combination that can't be beat.

Finally, you will need to put high intensity interval training into your plan but if you do not exercise regularly, you will need to work with it.

If you've been sitting on the couch for a while, here's a five-week phase in cardio and foundation building so you can incorporate some serious fat burning exercises into your program and really start your fat burning. to high gear.

  • Week 1: Two sessions of 20 minutes

  • Week 2: Two 25 minute sessions

  • Week 3: Two 30-minute sessions

  • Week 4: Three 30-minute sessions

  • Week 5: Three 30-minute sessions (up to your intensity from last week)

Remember, you also need to include weight training and start with two full body training sessions in one to two weeks and then three full body weight training sessions in weeks four and five.

I have found that most people, while not tracking their heart rate during a cardio session, are actually working too low on intensity.

I recommend getting a heart clock monitor for this exercise.


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