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A Low Carbs Diet is Hazardous to Your Health For Ten Reasons

Perfect health depends on perfect circulation. Health is rarely rewarded but achievement is related to lifestyle. A car works well on the recommended fuel and so does the human engine.

The following list describes dietary products that are rich in animal protein and do not have complex carbohydrates that originate from the plant kingdom or in other words low carbohydrate high protein diets.

10 Causes of a Low Carbohydrate Diet for Your Health:

  1. Risk of Heart Disease - A large amount of animal protein causes LDL cholesterol.

  2. Increased Cancer Risk - Many cancers are promoted / developed on low plant-based diets.

  3. Losing Weight Control - Early weight decreases calorie intake which lowers overall nutrient intake, triggering a tendency to eat empty fast foods.

  4. Athletic Performance Decreased - known since the 1930s, high carbohydrate diets have increased physical endurance, e.g. cheetahs must catch their prey (vegetarians) soon in pursuit.

  5. Increased Blood Pressure - High protein intake increases salt intake of essential nutrients which works to lower B.P.

  6. Gout Incident Caused - by the excess production of uric acid from the high purine through animal nutrition.

  7. Coral - The development of both uric acid and calcium oxalate is higher than the high protein diet.

  8. Osteoporosis - Excessive protein stimulates calcium loss through the urine.

  9. Orthostatic hypotension - Carbohydrate-deprived bodies develop a rapid decline in blood pressure from lying to standing through low electrolyte levels and reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes dizziness and / or fainting.

  10. Ketosis - An unhealthy state recognized by the state of keto-breathing which is described as a deterrent to nail nails and over-cooked pineapple from a low carb diet.

The best way to have a Weight Loss is three times.

  1. Increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

  2. Eliminate fast foods high in high calorie carbohydrates in processed fat and sugar.

  3. Integrate regular, consistent and fun training programs. It needs to build the body not break it. Remember, walking is the best exercise.

Thanks to:

Dr. J. Kenny, PhD, RD, FACN Nutrition Research Specialist Pritikin Longevity Center


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