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Zone Diet Books - Good Or Bad? Zone Diet Books Compared & Reviewed

In our increasingly desperate population, there is always another diet that is touted as the biggest thing to help lose weight. Zone is one of the diet programs that has been around for some time now but is it doing everything it claims to do?

The main focus of this diet is on the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates you need to eat. To be successful, you need to maintain a 30% protein diet, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate. This book takes you through the right amount based on your age, height and lifestyle and for this diet to work, the plan is pretty solid in maintaining this ratio.

One of the suggestions in this book is to get your protein portion to the size of your palm. I have to admit that portion control is something that I find very annoying in any diet - do I really need to sit there and cut a quarter of a chicken breast so that it fits into my palm? I prefer a diet where I don't have to get the right parts to make it work. Having said that I know that size is an important part of any diet; I just don't want to stick to it as tightly as expected in this plan.

Although not strictly forbidden, the diet restricts consumption of cheese and dairy products, bread, bagels, pasta and rice, Yes, that's right, all good food items come out.

This diet is a bit too rigid for me to like. Maintaining a ratio of protein to fat and carbohydrates is not something that can be sustained for any period of time without being consumed with the whole concept. In fact, I really do not believe that keeping track of protein / fat / carbohydrates on a daily basis is something that can be maintained long term.

It's like everything, as we embark on an exciting new diet and we are all eager to get there and lose weight and at a level that thinks our daily needs are part of the fun but can it be maintained in the long run? I do not think so.


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