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Reducing Belly Fat Naturally!

Most people think that the perfect way to stomach is hundreds of crunches daily. You know, the guys on the hill, or the sexy flat belly of every girl in Gossip Girl? Natural fat reduction is faster and safer than fad diets and dangerous dietary supplements. Here are some steps to lose your stomach right now!

1. The right diet is 80%. Your belly fat battle begins and ends in the kitchen! Planning every meal and snack for the day will reduce any temptation you may have lost from your fat burning efforts, and give you a healthy appreciation for proper nutrition. Healthy nutrition will detoxify your body from processed foods, and increase your metabolism to burn fat faster.

2. Cardio is the other 20%. To burn maximum fat to get faster results, you need to work out! An additional 500 calories burned daily will result in an additional 3500 calories burned per week, an extra fat for good!

3. Tune and tighten your stomach. A perfect stomach requires not only cardio and proper nutrition, but works on the stomach itself. Working out your abs will build up your abdominal muscles, and hold your stomach up, keeping your tummy in great shape! The abdomen consists of lower abs, upper abs, and obliques (side abs). There are very few exercises that work third, and I would recommend dedicating several sets to each individual muscle group for best results.


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