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What to Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

Abdominal tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a life-changing surgery that has many benefits. If a person has excessive amounts of skin and fat in their stomach region, this procedure can correct this problem. Although many have heard of this surgery, not everyone really knows it and different ways can be done. Knowing the facts in advance can help the patient determine if this is the right surgery for them.

What to know before

When considering this procedure, talk to your doctor to see if this is the right way to correct the issues previously mentioned. Good candidates have the following characteristics:

- Good health

- Weight in the abdomen

- Loose and smooth skin on abdomen

- Ability to perform a strict daily exercise and diet

The last point is what many eradicate from surgery, as well as the reason that some patients are dissatisfied with the outcome. The stomach tuck should be paired with a healthy new start. Diet and exercise are still important for the best results, and these surgeries cannot be seen as an alternative to the necessary components. It makes work easier to get started for those who are less than ideal. If the above conditions are met, stomach tuck can be the right decision.

How it works

The way the procedure works is for the surgeon to remove excess skin and fat around the stomach. This tightens the skin in the area and creates a smooth surface that will not glide like before. Complete abdominoplasty involves cuts from hip to hip. Once the slices are made, liposuction is used to remove fat and to cleanse areas that will be reduced. This is a more invasive surgery but is recommended for anyone who needs a big reduction.

If less important changes are sought, the patient should leave with a partial abdominal tuck. Smaller attempts will be made in the middle of the stomach. The skin is then removed, and a small amount of fat can be released. This form of surgery is used more for cosmetic purposes than for health related purposes. Many times, individuals who have recently given birth or have lost a lot of weight from exercise and diet are prime candidates for partial abdominal tuck. This is because both events often result in excess skin exploding in the foreground. Many do not want these events to be hampered by unpleasant reminders of what has happened, and these surgeries offer ways to correct them.

This is a procedure that, when practiced with exercise and diet, can give you a new sense of freedom and self-esteem. This is a chance for a fresh and healthy start, and many are equating it with a new lease on life. This is something that is very exciting, so if you feel you are a qualified candidate, consider meeting with your doctor to begin your journey to a newer, healthier life.


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