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What to Eat If You Want to Conceive a Boy Baby Naturally

There are several issues that affect whether you end up having a son or a daughter and there are many areas you can affect that will make a difference one way or another, your diet being one of many. If you want to know what to eat if you want to have a baby boy, then there are certain foods that are really thought to help.

First and foremost, you must understand that a multi-faceted approach is the best — one that affects multiple areas at once. This will increase the chances of having a son. Other approaches to consider include intercourse time, position you use and acid / alkaline residues.

Male and female sperm have different characteristics and this exploit is key to influencing gender. Male sperm is faster and smaller than female counterpart. However, they are more fragile and do not survive all this time and are more suited to the alkaline environment.

When changing your diet, it's important to always eat healthy, balanced foods, especially if you are trying to conceive a baby. If you want to know what to eat if you want to have a baby boy, then eating a diet that increases your alkalies is the way forward.

For a baby boy, a diet containing sodium and potassium is very important as it naturally increases alkali. Foods to eat include: -

* Banana

* Sweet corn

* Red meat

* Sausages


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