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What Should Your Pregnant Dog Be Eating?

Many of you may think that our little puppies may have all sorts of strange passions and want to eat like crazy when they are pregnant ... but they are pretty much controlled in all honesty. They may want a little more than usual, but that's normal.

So, what will your regimen be when your dog is pregnant?

Well, a dog's pregnancy is usually 60-63 days, about 9 weeks.

So here's your meal schedule:

The first 30 days -> Dogs should eat normally ... nothing new, nothing different.

* Tip: You can add fresh meat to their diet every day if you are so inclined.

Last month -> Dog mama should eat high quality dog ​​food.

Now, in my opinion, I think it's healthy to add mother dog food, and any dog ​​food for that matter, with fresh fruits and vegetables when you can.

Now, grapes and raisins are a "no-no" for your dog, such as peanuts and macaroni.

I also give my dog ​​some healthy days, which I burn myself, so I know what's in it.

* Tip: Don't worry if your dog does not feel like eating around the 3rd pregnancy, as they may have some morning sickness ... This is normal ... Make sure you ALWAYS keep fresh, clean water for your dog at all times .

* Tip: I even had water in the bedroom, at night, when we slept, so they didn't have to walk to the kitchen. You'll be surprised how often you'll fill this bowl, even all day long. Dogs are as diverse as you know!

by Kimberly Edwards


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