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What Should a Diabetic Eat? Tips for a New Diabetic

High blood sugar causes diabetes. Because of high blood sugar, sufficient amount of insulin is not produced in the human body. Insufficient insulin production is responsible for this disease. Patients with diabetes and high blood sugar show some symptoms of diabetes. Generally some of the symptoms of the disease are frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst. There are three types of diabetes among people. The types of diabetes are adolescents, gestational diabetes and insulin diabetes.

Adolescent diabetes:

Adolescent diabetes develops in adolescents and adults. In this type of diabetes, the human body cannot produce insulin. That's why people suffer from this disease. Almost 10% of people have this disease. Until death this type of patient should take insulin injection. They need to have regular blood tests and maintain their diet.

Insulin-resistant diabetes

This type of diabetes is present in 90% of people. The body's cells do not respond to insulin. So insulin function is stopped in the human body. This disease is very dangerous. It runs slowly in the human body. People who are overweight are at higher risk for the disease. If you have belly fat you are prone to insulin diabetes. Doctors say the reasons behind diabetes are overweight, physical inactivity and poor food choices in your diet. Taking regular drinks is another cause of the disease. These types of patients should live their lives on a strict diet.

In addition to taking medications, exercise, exercise, and a healthy diet are required. There is also sugar monitoring. Basically this type of diabetes occurs in older people. As you get older you become physically inactive and gain weight. Studies show that low testosterone levels cause insulin resistance. Men with low testosterone levels in the body are at high risk for the disease.

Diabetes during pregnancy

The last type of diabetes is pregnancy. It is seen in most women. Actually women face during most pregnancies. Those women have high sugar. Lack of insulin cannot transport all the glucose to the body's cells. High glucose or high blood pressure prevents the production of insulin in the female body. It produces large amounts of glucose in the blood. The doctor prescribes drugs that control glucose for this type of patient. It is necessary to regulate glucose levels. Each week during pregnancy, the patient should go to the hospital for proper examination. If diabetes is not diagnosed then it will create complications for the baby.

Natural recovery of diabetes

Aloe tongue

Aloe Vera has been widely used as a medicinal plant for many diseases. It has rejuvenation, healing and soothing properties. Diabetic patients have abnormal levels of molecules in the blood. Aloe Vera reduces patients' blood lipids. Rapid healing is required for diabetics. Aloe Vera also reduces swelling and faster wound healing.


Bilbies help lower blood glucose levels. You can use bilberry to monitor blood glucose.

Melon and Bitter Diabetes

Bitter melon contains Charantin with anti-diabetes properties. It has blood glucose reduction activities. It also contains ethanol. You will reduce blood glucose connection and also block your appetite.


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