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What's Bad About Sugar?

Sugar is the enemy! It is a drug, a more dangerous drug than all of the drugs combined. Sugar is a pure chemical through filtration it has deprived all of the natural food from the plant. The use of this poison is dangerous in any amount. No matter if you try to burn calories, it does damage as soon as it's eaten.

It is an unhealthy empty calories, as it contains no vitamins and minerals that damage the body's vitamins and minerals that are stored for metabolism. These vitamins and minerals are the body's reserves. When vitamins and minerals are depleted, the metabolism of cholesterol and fatty acids is delayed, contributing to higher blood triglycerides, cholesterol that promotes obesity due to the higher storage of fatty acids around the organ. Sugar raises your insulin levels. When insulin is elevated, it causes a breakdown in your immune system and promotes fat storage.

Americans take 2-3kg of sugar a week. Like other drugs, sugar becomes addictive, the more you eat; the more you want. I've seen that about 80% of dietary-related health problems. Remember what your Grandma taught you, "you are what you eat."

There are behaviors that can be seen as contributors to sugar consumption: Anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, forgetting, lack of motivation, eating disorders, emotional distress, anxiety, hyperactivity in 50% of children.

Health problems related to sugar consumption are traditionally: tooth loss (cavity, bleeding gums, tooth loss, tooth decay), diabetes, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, mental illness, candida overgrowth, chronic fatigue, PMS symptoms, obesity (difficult to lose weight from increased insulin levels), kidney / liver enlargement.

We have been subjected to and developed a strong taste for sugar at a young age. Sugar is in the baby's formula, and if the breastfeeding mother eats sugar, it will lead to the baby. All processed foods are loaded with sugar.

Take action now:

Make sure you read the labels on all foods for sugar content. It's best to make all your meals and stay away from processed foods. Any ingredient that ends in "ose" is most likely to contain sugar. When sugar is removed from your diet, the food tastes better and your sugar cravings decrease. If you need to have a product with sugar, make sure it does not contain more than 10% of your total diet.

Remember that there is sugar in alcohol. Sweet your food with natural fruit.

Artificial sweetener

To reduce the amount of sugar consumed people like to use artificial sweeteners like Stevia, Splenda, Sweet 'N Low, and Sugar Twin to name a few. You need to be careful because sweeteners can sometimes be worse which eat refined sugars. Some sweeteners can cause people to gain more weight than refined sugars. Be sure to check your artificial sweetener before adding it to your diet. And check the side effects of consuming the product.


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