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Exercise and Lifestyle Changes For a Healthy Colon

The old adage that someone is what they eat rings true when it comes to colon health as well. In addition to a balanced and healthy diet, individuals need to be aware of other lifestyle changes to ensure they have a healthy and functioning colon. To make sure your gut is as healthy as possible, everyone should:

Has regular rectal examination. A doctor will be able to diagnose if polyps present during physical examination. Polyp is often a precursor to colon cancer. Having a regular physical exam including rectal examination is important for both men and women.

Daily exercise. While many believe they have to spend hours in the gym to benefit from their training regime, this is certainly not the case. Simple things like daily walking or swimming can improve bowel health.

Stop smoking. Smoking has many negative effects on the body including colon problems. There are many great programs out there that can help people who want to break down nicotine addiction.

Be aware of your family's health history. Thus, colon cancer can be hereditary, so it is important that everyone has a deep understanding of the colon health of their ancestors. Many families do not openly discuss health issues, especially those involving the colon. Ask your family members about their colon health to be aware of any possible problems.

Report any problems that may occur to your doctor. If you suddenly become constipated when you are constantly in the mood for your bowel movements or if you have problems like diarrhea, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. The same applies if you have stomach or blood problems in your stool.

Maintaining a healthy weight. Many health problems are associated with obesity, and colon cancer is one of them. If you are overweight, the process of losing weight should be started as soon as possible.

Try to be stress-free. Feeling extreme stress can cause constipation which is one of the contributing factors to colon problems. Meditation, exercise and yoga are all useful ways to deal with stress.

Get enough sleep every night. The whole body works better when one rests well. Many experts recommend retiring at the same time every night of the week and getting up at the same time. In addition, short sleep times throughout the day can prove beneficial to many individuals.

Reduce alcohol consumption. Although a glass of red wine every night has been proven to benefit heart and joint health, drinking too much can lead to health problems. Alcohol should be taken occasionally and moderately.

In order to maintain a healthy colon, each individual has to make the necessary lifestyle changes. While it can be a challenge to trade a high-fat diet and sugar for one based on fruits, vegetables, and grains, it is essential to good health.

Note: The statements in this article may not be FDA-approved, and may not be considered professional medical advice.


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