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Weight Loss Foods - Important Things You Need to Know

Every weight loss article you've read so far has told you to eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates such as oats and brown rice to help you achieve your fitness goals. While you may already have the idea that you should avoid processed foods that are full of sugars, it always helps to be a bit more specific. Here is a list of foods to avoid during your weight loss regimen and then, for your overall health and well-being.

1. Soda. Whether it's diet or regular, it's not important. This cup of tea can easily give you over a hundred calories, not to mention all the sugar it contains. Diet varieties contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartam which are associated with various health issues such as cancer.

2. Alcohol. The term "beer belly" is not drawn out of thin air. One 12 oz beers have fewer than 150 calories. Imagine all the weight you would put in if you could everyday! The reason is that alcohol is only a concentrated sugar from a plant source, so it is always easy for one to gain weight when consuming alcoholic beverages.

3. Bacon, hotdogs and red meat. They are processed foods that are high in fat, have no nutritional value and are full of preservatives that can lead to the development of certain cancers. If you must eat meat, it can be lean and fresh from the butcher, not from your favorite grocery store fridge.

4. Chips and dips. Their favorite potato chips dug into it are high in sodium which causes you to retain water and gain weight. Dips are made up of mostly unhealthy fats.

5. Donuts, ice cream and cakes. They are mostly made of hydrogenated fats that harm your health and your waist. Like chips, these foods help you retain sugar, making you look fat.

6. Fast food. Do a web search on the Internet and you'll get the calories from a regular cheeseburger from your favorite food chain. And this is not a small number. A full-service burger can give you up to 500 calories in one meal! Add soda and French fries (about 200 calories) and a regular serving of cheeseburger can give you 800 calories! Supersize it and you can imagine what it does to your heart, nerves and waist.

7. Fruit juice is processed. Despite advertisements, packaged fruit juice is a beverage to avoid when trying to lose weight. Their sugar content is depleted of all other nutrients and you will gain weight with this. Use a press to make your own from fresh fruit.

If you notice from our list, the foods to avoid that we have listed have common denominators: They are all processed and packed in boxes, bottles or can. The process of removing all the nutrients that should help you lose weight and stay healthy. Instead, they are replaced with sugar, salt and preservatives that make you lose weight. Even worse, these foods have been known to contribute to the development of certain diseases that we spend millions of dollars on treatment every year. Avoid these foods, lose weight and stay healthy.


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