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Was The Ephedra Ban Really a Success?

Ephedra and Ephedrine users are still under the impression that Ephedra prohibition still exists. It may come as a big surprise that the Ephedra ban, one of the most powerful weight loss supplements, was lifted in April 2005. A Utah judge overturned the FDA & # 146; So why are the most sought after diet pills so difficult to get your hands on? We spoke with the top four nutrition providers. They tell us that demand is higher than ever. However, they admit that they do not comply with the new rules. As a result, they missed the boat.

There is one company, Ephedra Labs that closely follows the results. As soon as the gavel dropped in late April, Ephedra Labs bought MaHuang's entire supply of pure form. They now have a worldwide supply of pure Ephedra for the next 9 months. The only place users can buy Ephedra is by visiting [] They also offer discounts if the order is placed online.

The power of Ephedra is undeniable. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people with weight problems. Where other pills and ingredients have failed, Ephedra remains a major challenge for the most powerful weight loss supplement there. Ephedra Labs told us that they could barely keep it on the shelves with some wholesalers stepping onto the plate looking to buy their product boxes. This is good news for Ephedra users is that & # 147; weight & # 148; is over.


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