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Understanding Liposuction Risk

In American culture, where thinness is respected above all else, the quest to shed pounds and acquire a "perfect" body seems endless. Women - and men - work hard every day to make sure they meet industry standards that focus on physical beauty and nothing more. And when diet and exercise fail to achieve the exact results that people want, they often resort to liposuction to reduce their waist and thinner thighs. However, as with any surgery, the risk of liposuction is present at all times.

As with any surgery that requires general anesthesia - as liposuction is most often not - there is an inherent risk to be kept for any length of time. Although rare, the risk of complications from anesthesia does not exist and for most people who determine elective surgery, it is a risk that must be examined. Talk to your surgeon about statistics related to complications and deaths due to anesthesia and blood loss during surgery.

However, the risk of liposuction associated with anesthesia and blood loss is significantly lower than the risk associated with infection. One possible risk of liposuction is this type of toxic shock syndrome caused by body contact with bacteria. Another infection, known as Necrotizing Fascitis involves bacteria invading healthy tissues. Both of these infections can lead to serious complications and even death. The most common risk of liposuction is Embolism - where the fat deposits that are dislodged during the procedure actually enter the bloodstream. This can cause severe complications.

Of course, there is a risk of liposuction related to the actual operation of the surgery in which the internal organs are damaged during the removal of fat or nerves.

Another risk of liposuction is associated with previous health conditions. Your medical history should be reviewed before surgery to assess the risks associated with a history of heart problems, hypertension, or diabetes.

Surgery of any kind cannot be taken lightly. The risk of liposuction is real. And it needs to be carefully studied and considered before deciding to undergo liposuction surgery.


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