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7 Leading Causes of Constipation in the Elderly

Constipation is a very serious problem when it comes to parents. Not only does it present a very embarrassing problem for elders and their families, it can often lead to serious medical problems. When your elders become constipated, it is important that you contact their doctor for advice - or perhaps a test - to help alleviate the condition. While it is not uncommon for an elder to not want to discuss this issue, it is important to keep the dialogue open with them on the issue. Comfortable discussion? Of course not. Important? Of course.

To help relieve constipation in the first place, consider these 7 main causes of constipation so you and your elders can take steps to help prevent it from happening:

1. Diet changes.

Your elders may be eating less of the fiber in fruits and vegetables. Make sure fiber is a part of all foods throughout the day.

2. Decrease in activity - may be due to recent injury of the disease. In this case, there may not be much you can do, but make sure you ask your elder doctor to come up with an idea.

3. Certain medicines are known to cause constipation - including most antacids over the counter. Make sure you ask your veterinarian about the potential for constipation whenever they prescribe a new drug for your elder. Ask if there is an alternative medicine.

4. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can lead to chronic constipation when a trader holds his stools to prevent pain. Check with your elder doctor for the best way to deal with this condition.

5. Certain medical conditions such as Parkinson's, under active thyroid and high blood calcium levels. Again, check with your elder doctor for advice on how to prevent constipation when these conditions are the right thing to do.

6. Recent surgery - especially after abdominal surgery.

7. Reduction of fluid intake

This is far more common than most people believe. Many parents will reduce their fluid intake to help avoid frequent bathroom trips or if they have urinary incontinence problems.

Be sure to contact your elder doctor whenever they have severe stomach pain or during vomiting along with constipation. Pain may indicate serious problems and vomiting may indicate intestinal obstruction.

The more you recognize the signs and causes of constipation, the more you will be able to help deal with your old problems and help solve them.


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