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Type 2 Diabetes - What Are Those Cravings All About?

Cravings are triggered by the biological properties of the food itself, in other words some foods have chemical makeup that causes us to crave them in the same conditions as drugs, alcohol and tobacco that have addictive components. Only some foods even lend themselves to cravings and these foods are appealing to most people, not just people with type 2 diabetes.

Many people with type 2 diabetes crave sugar and chocolate ... these are now causing the same biochemical effects as addictive drugs. They are certainly not as strong or as dangerous as drugs but the addictive chemistry seems to work here!

1. Sugar not only is it sweet, it also has a very light remedy like effect. It affects your brain in much the same way as opiates ... morphine and heroin. Sugar contains no opiates, a sense of triggering the release of opiates in your brain and then another chemical dopamine, which is the key to your brain's pleasure, is released. So the effects of sugar on your brain will reduce pain and discomfort and give you a boost.

You don't have to crave sugar yourself; you can crave white bread or fresh bagels, crackers, or potatoes ... high GI foods that quickly turn into sugar. You don't usually crave low GI foods.

2. Chocolate contains caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine which all stimulate, as well as sugar. So the attraction to chocolate is not just because of the sweetness. Unfortunately chocolate also contains a large amount of fat.

These substitutes will help you feel:

If your sugar is urgent:

  • In the recipe: maple syrup, molasses, sucanate can help. This is definitely not a healthy meal but the idea is to replace the refined sugar with a little syrup or juice.

  • stevia is a herbal sweetener and can be found in health food stores

If you want chocolate:

  • Cocoa-powered is a non-functional chocolate that can be used for cooking and drinks

  • If you like chocolate ice cream why not try a low fat frozen ice cream substitute

The general rules for both cravings for sugar are:

  • the finer the sugar you eat, the more you crave

  • The easiest way to avoid cravings is to not eat any sugars or refined sugars, including white flour, potatoes, and so on. The best idea is to not buy it or store it in your home

Many people with type 2 diabetes find that simply adding more protein to their diet often reduces their sugar cravings.


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