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This Book Will Lead You to Make Immediate Changes in Your Lifestyle

"Gene Therapy Plans: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle" by Dr. Michael L. Gaynor, MD, is an excellent book that suggests not only how to stay healthy but alternative plans to consider when you are sick and not respond to your prescribed treatment.

The introduction to his book was written by Dr Oz who sent many of his patients to Dr. Gaynor for treatment like many other doctors had when their treatment plan did not work.

Dr Gaynor, takes an integrative approach to medicine and offers excellent advice on natural foods, beverages and ingredients to benefit from staying healthy, such as olive oil, coconut oil and oil, green tea, chamomile tea, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, juice, etc.

But the plan goes far beyond eating healthy foods but aims to harness the hidden power of food to change our genetic susceptibility to disease. In this approach, Dr. Gaynor attracted many branch studies known as ecogenetics.

Dr Gaynor, discussing how we can understand how ecogenetic food changes our genetic blueprints and provides scientific data to support alternative therapies and practices, is the key approach to using the nutrients identified to fight disease and promote good health. The approach is called "nutrigenetics: and is a key principle of the Gene Therapy Plan.

"Gene Therapy Treatment" is designed to help you fight cancer, heart disease and diabetes, maintain a healthy weight, restore low immunity, soften the effects of aging, eliminate toxins from the body, and promote energy.

Dr. Gaynor has many interesting things to say about obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and aging in Part I. Later in Part II the authors present sample meal plans, recipes, and how to make some juices, smoothies and snacks. The recipe is very good; I've tried a few and hope to try more.

I've made some changes in my life as a result of reading this book. I now substitute coconut for my flavored coffee cream, have returned to drinking green tea and switched to orange and orange tea and lemon flavored tea, and make sure Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are included in my weekly meal. This book is definitely worth reading; it will give you a lot of new insights and motivation to make changes for a healthier life.


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