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At least 25 years ago, I suggested that there is a link between one's financial health and one's physical / emotional health. Since then, I have paid special attention to the subject and, after learning a lot from my colleagues and nutrition coaches and doing a lot of research, I believe more than ever before in the relationship between bad health and bad finances. I believe our main goal is to empower ourselves to live the life we ​​want without worrying about our health or money.

I really doubt that I made history with my uneducated theory and there is evidence that other people have done better since then. In fact, in 2009, well-known financier Suze Orman appeared on the NBC TV show Biggest Loser in a segment about assessing each financier. He led the impression that the player with the best credit score would be the most likely to win the competition with the most weight loss. As it turned out, the player he thought had the best grip on his finances actually won the title. Danny got his financial house in order before this The presentation shows that as you improve your financial situation, health benefits will follow.

Exercise is often ignored, and even avoided, when one is trying to get back on his feet. Have you ever met anyone who thinks, "When I bring in more money, then I'll have time to exercise. Exercise doesn't pay the bills, you know"? While there are some good intentions, it is hard to practice a training regimen when you are 3 months behind your mortgage or roof leaking, right? You become obsessed with maintaining self-esteem and, often, your health is nothing but work ... or looking for it.

When people are stressed, they often respond by doing things that feel good to them. Unfortunately, many of these things are unhealthy or beneficial. One such activity is excessive. Emotional overload can be triggered by many factors but one of the most common is stress over money. According to weight loss experts and nutritionists, people with stress will be attracted to processed and sugary foods as a way to deal with their anxiety. If that stress caused my money problems, people would be more likely to buy cheaper and processed foods as well. Such foods are now considered to be the most harmful to good health and, as stated in recent episodes of Dr. Oz, they can be as addictive as cocaine because of its effects on brain chemistry. When people gain weight, they also begin to emphasize their health by simply continuing the cycle.

So how does one get the physical and financial health to stop the cycle? How does one finally empower himself to succeed? The answer seems to be in the individual. For some people, it improves their health, looks and feels better, gives them the confidence to apply for a better job or seek financial advice and take action. They care about their money because they suspect it will take longer to appreciate it. For others, better income opportunities can relieve anxiety and encourage them to take advantage of a comfortable lifestyle by gaining health. If a person makes health improvements so he or she has more money, he or she will be at risk of losing his or her dream. On the other hand, if a person has enough money but is in poor health, the same result may occur.

Can improvements be made in both areas simultaneously? Human nature shows that most people have a hard time with it. They tend to focus on one task at a time. If you are disciplined, an optimal exercise / eating plan can co-exist with job hunting or financial improvement efforts.


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