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The Three Things You Must Know If You Want to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

The world is full of ways to lose weight. Browse the internet and you'll find thousands of diets, supplements and programs to help you lose weight. There are millions of searches every day on this topic and they are fed, if you will excuse their expression, with the latest or magical healing that will allow you to eat seven hamburgers a day, drink two liters of soft drinks, work out by pushing the button on the remote television and still miraculously lose weight. Give Acai. Green tea. Black coffee. South American skin from the forests of the Amazon. Diet pills. Dietary ingredients. Additional food. Replacement of food. This list is endless and growing every day.

So why are so many people still overweight?

In fact, without following the three important pillars of your weight, your weight, if you lose it, will recover within a few weeks. And without following these three important rules, you may not lose weight.

Let me tell you a simple method will, without fail, achieving and maintaining weight loss.

Run. Or walk.

Every day. As much as you can. Until you fall. A little more each day. Not only will you lose weight, but you will be a little further away from your daily meals at home. So make sure you take the bus fare with you :-]

Don't like that option? I do not. And unless you're an elite athlete used to punishing your body to the limit, it won't work. If you are an elite athlete, then you probably do not need to eat.

So, for those of us who aren't elite athletes, what are three things we need to know?

The three pieces of knowledge are:

  1. You must eat less energy than you use every day.

  2. You have to eat some of the right foods, often. That way you do not feel hungry and hunger is the enemy of losing weight.

  3. You must be kind to your heart.

Easy. So what does that mean?

You must eat less energy than you use every day.

It is a fact of life that if you burn 2000 calories per day and your intake of food is 10,000 calories per day, then the additional 8,000 calories you eat will be stored in your body as a fat deposit. So how do you eat less energy than burn out when you're used to eating 10,000 or more calories each day? The answer is two of the above.

You have to eat some of the right foods. Usually.

Perhaps the worst thing about a diet is that it is hungry all the time. Waiting for the next meal. Finally, when it's time to eat again, you start and find it almost impossible to stop eating until you break. This has two adverse effects. First, you constantly fight your body and desire to eat. Second, when you eat, you eat so much that your stomach expands and takes more to fill the future.

The way to deal with this is to eat a few good foods like nuts, fruits, meats and vegetables and eat them often. That way, you won't feel hungry because your next take will not be far. Just as important, your stomach shrinks to accommodate a small amount of nourished food. Therefore, you are never hungry and your stomach hurts.

You must be kind to your heart.

The liver has many functions. Some of the functions are: to produce fat-breaking substances, convert glucose to glycogen to supply your body's energy and filter out harmful substances from the blood.

If you regularly feed your junk body, your liver over-filters all harmful substances from your body. It does not have the time to regulate your sugar levels and also to produce the ingredients needed to break down fat. Be good to your heart by eating unprocessed foods, avoiding too much alcohol and eating simple foods, one such food as meat, fish, eggs, butter and real beans.

If you follow these three simple methods, you will find that Weight loss is easy to achieve and sustainable.


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