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Take Slim Life Bios at least twice daily, one serving of Bios Life Slim before each meal with the highest carbohydrates! Doing this consistently builds your discipline and will also make all other behaviors easier to do in the long run.

Breakfast is a must.

By not eating breakfast, the body will feel that we are not healthy and that we may have a shortage of food and that we tend to eat too much throughout the day.

Start and end your day with breakfast and dinner high in protein, high fiber and low carb.

Protein is a nutrient that builds calories that eat calories. Carbohydrates turn into calories that need to be broken down through an increase in one's metabolism. At night, if one takes too much carbohydrate and soon after sleep, the body's metabolic rate slows down and results in the formation of our fat.

Avoid high glycemic foods, such as sugar, pasta, white rice, and white flour. The glycemic index shows how quickly certain foods turn into glucose (sugar in the blood). Choosing a diet low in the glycemic index not only helps control weight by controlling one's appetite, it can also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Eat at least three balanced meals daily.

Eating regularly reacts to the body that there are many foods. This encourages the body to burn calories. If you skip meals, your body thinks you are starving and responds by reducing your metabolism, which makes it difficult to lose weight.

Enhance Activities

Most people often think that to increase their activity is to work hard or walk on a treadmill for at least an hour. The fact is that walking around the block daily for 30 to 40 minutes is good enough.

Other activities include walking the dog, cleaning the floor, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing the garden, swimming or dancing. Doing everything you can to burn more calories every day can help you live longer and healthier lives.

Walking is highly recommended as it is the most natural and normal activity most people can do. Walking takes some time and no equipment. Everyone can walk anywhere at any time with minimal equipment requirements and no learning curve. In addition, it saves less and less risk of injury for beginners to exercise and at the same time, it helps to build muscle and calf muscles, which in the long run will put less stress on our knees.


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