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The Impacts of Drinking Alcoholic Beverages While Breastfeeding

We all know that there is no idea to drink alcohol during pregnancy, since you and your baby share blood flow through the cord. Whatever you put into your body will go straight to your baby, and there are numerous studies that show that alcohol can be detrimental to a developing baby in many ways. We didn't know how to drink alcohol when we were pregnant, but would we start drinking again after we gave birth, and breastfeed?

There is a huge movement to prevent women from drinking alcohol during pregnancy, as it can cause a variety of developmental defects in the baby that develops in their womb. Alcohol has a bad effect on people when they drink too much, too. You may not drink during pregnancy, but you may consider it when you give birth. However, when you breastfeed, you must remember that what you eat or drink will also be present in your mother's milk. Just as you want to maintain a healthy diet when you breastfeed, you should also avoid alcohol when doing so, as it will transfer your mother's milk, and alcohol is still not good for the baby.

You want the best for your baby, and limit the bad things that come naturally. You can hold cocktails for a few months while you are raising a healthy baby, giving them nutrients and antibodies that are naturally present in breast milk. Why would you want to add anything that could endanger your child with your milk? You should maintain a good, very nutritious diet as you breastfeed, knowing that the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you eat will be given to your baby. So are the bad things you do. The time will come when you wipe your child, and you can start enjoying another cocktail, or wine with dinner. The best course of action is to avoid alcohol all the time you are breastfeeding, to prevent anything that is not good for your child.

There will be times when you feed your child with formula or snacks, and you can be sure that he or she is getting the nutrients they need from them. Then you can enjoy the alcoholic beverages you want, and know that your child is safe from the consequences.


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