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The Effects of Stress on an Atkins Diet Plan

What is Atkins' meal plan?

Dr. Robert Atkins created the Atkins Diet in 1972. This type of diet gained its popularity back in 2006 after the Atkins company went bankrupt in 2005. The Atkins diet plan is a diet plan that refers to four (4) phases of the Atkins Plan diet. The first phase of the Atkins diet is known as the induction diet stage; The second phase is called the continuous weight loss diet; the third and fourth stages involve pre-maintenance nutrition phase and lifetime nutritional stage. This model is based on studies that limit the intake of complex carbohydrates, high fructose syrups, and refined sugars. The beginning stages of this type of food plan use the weight of one's target for the purpose, while the next phase of the center will keep the weight off.

Is the Atkins Diet easy to follow?

The Atkins diet plan is a diet guide that is ideal for individuals who may not have blood sugar problems while using it as a supplement. At the beginning of this kind of program, one has to make drastic changes in lifestyle. For those who have eaten a diet full of carbohydrates, making a drastic change in the way they eat can come as a shock to one's mind and body. In most cases, the following dietary symptoms are the main indicators that signal a person to stop using his diet plan: mood swings, depression, excessive food cravings, low blood pressure, asthma, difficulty breathing, constipation, bloating, and insomnia. These symptoms are indications that a person's body cannot handle the transition it has chosen, at the beginning of the Atkins program.

When this happens, unsuccessful nutrition is advised to choose another type of program.

Atkins Diet Helpers

If you do not experience any of the symptoms of the diet mentioned, you can continue with your dietary guidelines until you reach your target weight. This plan will not burden you in any way; you can't be stressed out by the Atkins diet. It is in your mind's mind to think that you have decided to consume foods that contain more fruits, vegetables, protein, and water. Motivate yourself daily by imagining your future success and telling yourself that you will reach your target weight with the Atkins diet. When you experience difficulties while participating in such programs, seek emotional support from your relatives and friends. Get back up by engaging in activities that help bring you cheer. Try not to think about the foods you eat since stress can be a hindrance for someone who follows the Atkins diet guidelines. Stress is a major concern among patients as it is a function of the body's metabolism: the body of a stressed person will reject the diet that this person adheres to; so don't stress yourself out. Eliminate stress in your life and you will be able to lose weight with your Atkins diet plan.


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