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Get Flat Abs - Lose the Belly Fat Today

How can you lose belly fat, time and time again I hear people talking in the gym about how they want to cut their middle and see there are hard abs. The common problem they all have is this: They don't work for it. I would know that looking at six pack abs is one of the hardest things to do.

It comes down to a few basic elements like diet. What are you eating? If you want to have a flat stomach then you need to keep track of what you eat every day and see what kind of food you put into your body. It's not how much you make in what. When you try to rip the assassin six packs more then just do one set of crunches, no dietary diet, no soda, no bread, no fast food, pizza, no saturated trans fat, no chips, no pies , no cake.

All of these things can't be in your home. If they are then you need to remove them now. Once you stop eating snacks and fill your body with fish, chicken and veggies protein then the next thing you need to do is walk, if you can't walk then walk.

How long do you ask?

At least 1 hour daily, this is minimum. When you start to see your abs appear, you can put them back in but it can be difficult at first.


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